11 Best Online Jobs For Stay At Home Mom

Stay At Home Mom making money online

Are you a stay-at-home mom looking for consistent ways to make money online without necessarily quitting other money-making ventures you engage in occasionally?

Yes, there are consistent ways by which you can make over $1500 every week.

These proven online jobs would fetch you cool money consistently without you leaving your residence or going to anyone’s office to beg for Job. Please try to read to the end if you are a stay-at-home mom struggling to make money especially online. Others can read as well!

All these skills are proven consistent means of generating money online from the comfort of your home.


Freelancing With Fiver
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You could make a great deal of money as a stay-at-home mom doing what you are best known for clients on freelancing sites and get a steady income. Freelancers do not suffer from money syndrome as they make their money consistently.

If you are good at graphics designing, for example, you can easily set up a graphics designer’s profile on any freelancing site, clients looking to hire someone to do their graphics works will come for your service and that is it. So simple right?

Popular freelancing sites where you can practice your skills are Upwork.com, Fiverr.Com, HireWriters.com, Freelancer.com, Peopleperhour.com, and a host of others.

Freelancing Jobs For Stay At Home Moms
Stay-At-Home Mom & Freelancing Job

Some of these freelancing sites even pay per hour, some per day, while some pay per week. All these depend on the terms of the agreement.

Most of these Freelancing sites are simple to access, user-friendly, and completely free to join.

You can also download their app, register, and create a profile, and once your account is approved, you are good to go.

One of the advantages of Freelancing is that you can decide when to work or not and no one will query you for that.

If you are a stay-at-home mom looking for ways to make money online, and you also know you have got some great skills that you feel others might need, why not go to search engines to look for freelancing websites and create profiles. Not tomorrow, start now!


As a stay-at-home mom, you can also work as a Copywriter writing Sales copy ads, and E-mail newsletters for businesses and brands. Copywriting is a hot cake in the market right now.

Great copywriters like John Bly, Eugene Schwartz, and Dan Lok are consistently creating names and making some great millions of dollars writing copies for great companies…

You don’t need any writing experience to be a great copywriter earning six figures monthly.

There is no limit to the amount you can make as a stay-at-home mom engaged in copywriting. You can earn $1000 dollars daily by writing ad content and e-mail newsletter, web content, etc. and these may not take up to six hours of your day’s schedule.

Some great copywriters work in corporate organizations while some work as freelance copywriters and they get hired with good pay.

Stay-at-home mothers who are into copywriting have no limit to the services they can offer, these include but are not limited to: writing news headlines and creating written content for news websites, radio and television broadcasting companies, magazine companies, and the likes.

One of the advantages of working as a copywriter is that you decide your working hours every day and there are already made for you templates and swipe files for lazy copywriters to use.

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) has also made copywriting a very simple endeavour that can be done by anyone with or without expertise in copywriting. Some of these copywriting tools or writing assistants are very expensive, though they are worth it. The most recommended, and yet very affordable, is the Ryte AI. The premium version is $29/month; the free version may still guarantee all you need as a copywriter.

Click » Here to start using Ryter AI for FREE!

Every stay-at-home mom doing copywriting business needs this. Believe me!


Do you know you can also make a huge amount of money from blogging even as a stay-at-home mom? Please do well to read this section and try to understand every line of the content. This is because blogging’ presents lots of money-making prospects to people who venture into it for one reason or the other.

A blog is a website page where you post optimized content, rank it on Google, Bing, and other search engines, and consistently make money from it.

Great bloggers are making a huge amount of money by posting written content on their blogs.

You don’t necessarily have to be a writer before you can be a blogger, you can hire writers on freelancing sites, get them to write unique and unplagiarized content, edit those content and insert necessary keywords for people searching for such content. Once they visit your website or blog site, you get money from each click on your blog ads.

You can make money from your blogs when you partner with Google AdSense and other ad companies to run ads for them; you may also run direct ads from clients without going through any ad company.

You can also make money from your blogs by doing AFFILIATE MARKETING.

There are so many ways you can make money online from blogging, as a stay-at-home mom. A comprehensive article has been written for you. Click on the link below to access it in another tab.

>> How To Make Money Online Blogging (Comprehensive Guide)<<


Affiliate marketing is one of the latest cash cows and a consistent income stream for any stay-at-home mom who is ready to make thousands of dollars from online business ventures.

Top affiliate sites pay several millions of dollars out to their affiliates yearly.

Now let me tell you what Affiliate marketing is all about.

A lot of companies need more sales, and more people to patronize and buy their products; they want their goods to reach their potential customers. How can they achieve this? Some pay affiliates directly to help advertise their products, while others pay advertising companies to do it for them.

These advertising companies too, hire people called affiliates) to help them advertise and reach more prospective customers and whenever a sale is made by those affiliates, a certain percentage of that money is paid into the account of the affiliate as commission and that is all.

Affiliate Marketing By A Stay At Home Moms
Stay At Home Mom Engaged In Affiliate Marketing Business

There is no limit to the amount of money you can make as a stay-at-home mom doing affiliate marketing. The amount you make depends on the number of sales made in each period.

For example, if the commission on each sale is $500dollars and you can make 10 sales, then you have $5000 dollars as a commission (…yes this has been proven! It is very possible!) What if you made more than that daily? You are already rich you know.

Affiliate marketing network sites where you can register and make cool dollars for yourself and your families are Clickbank (For those in the US and a few other selected countries), Amazon affiliate, CJ affiliate, Warrior Plus, Learnoflix (for Africans), MoreNiche, MarketBeat, MarketHealth, and lots more. All these affiliate marketing sites are free to join.

Apart from doing affiliate marketing business through affiliate marketing networks like the ones listed in the paragraph above, there are still companies that have made provisions for affiliate partners who wish to promote their products. In fact, this is becoming a more conventional way of marketing products these days.

Do well to search any website that is into sales of goods or services, you will come across a menu for Affiliates…mostly around the footer of the website. This should lead you to a sign-up page where you can directly register as one of their affiliate partners.

In all of the above affiliate marketing ventures, you can cash out as many times as possible weekly or monthly depending on the company’s policy.

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Have you now seen that you have endless possibilities as a stay-at-home mom who may be interested in doing affiliate marketing business? Are you excited?

Here are helpful resources on how to start an affiliate marketing business if you are a stay-at-home mom.

How To Start Affiliate Marketing Business (Beginner’s Guide)

The Ultimate Affiliate Marketing Business Course

How To Do Affiliate Marketing Without A Website

Make Money Online Taking Surveys: 15 Best Survey Sites To Use

Affiliate Marketing A to Z (Free eBook)

The Super Affiliate System

The Affiliate Millionaire


You can surely make a reasonable amount of money designing websites for clients without running a single line of code and without any knowledge of programming. Web design is now so easy these days and stay-at-home moms are advised to look into the venture.

Web Design
Web Design

With the advent of CMS websites like WordPress, Wix, and many others, designing a website is so simple and easy to do through the use of already-made templates, themes, and plugins that make websites look attractive and with increased functionality.

Some of these CMS website themes and plugins are free to access while some are premium versions.

Examples of those CMS websites that you can easily use to create a free website with plugins and themes readily available are: WordPress.com, wix.com, and blogger.com.

Blogger.com offer free hosting to their clients for as long as they want.

You can create a website for clients and earn your money or you create a blog where you can easily publish written content with monetization as a goal. You may also create a website and sell it afterwards.

Website design is a very lucrative business that could fetch anyone interested in the venture, especially stay-at-home mothers a great deal of money. You can also make good money from website design by working for clients as a freelancer on the freelancing platforms mentioned above.

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Do you need more help on web design? Click >> HERE


Online Teaching Job
Online Teaching Job

Teaching is a very lucrative job that is often looked down upon by many probably due to the conventional approach to doing it. The Internet has made many things very beautiful today. Online teaching job is another gold mine stay-at-home moms should go for.

A great amount of money could be made from teaching online. So many things can be taught online. Teach a skill you are born with for easy flow. We cannot go into details about things you can teach as a stay-at-home mother, just teach what you know you know; not necessarily subjects of academic learning.

Teaching online is mostly an hourly-based job that could fetch up to $500 or more a day depending on the individual’s expertise or abilities.

Online Jobs For Stay At Home Mom: How does Online Teaching Work?

Some platforms hire knowledge-based teachers in English, Mathematics, and all other subjects, to teach their students and get paid at the end of each session. Sessions here can be on an hourly basis.

You can also advertise the skills you are proficient in on freelancing sites, even social media websites, or professional networking websites like Linkedln.com

Teaching online may seem stressful but it is fun to do, an online business venture that a stay-at-home mother can perfectly do especially in leisure time.



Video Editing is also one of the great jobs that could earn anyone a reasonable amount of cool money.

For stay-at-home moms, you could work from home editing videos for business owners and companies, and you will be relatively paid a huge amount of money doing so.

Currently, the most efficient way of passing pieces of information about a business or creating an advert for business purposes is not through infographics or graphics, but through beautiful and stunning short video clips. These videos need someone to create and edit them and in doing that, the services of a videographer or an animator would be needed to create those visuals using scripts.

One could also work as an editor, rewriting already made video scripts or editing those videos to look better and attract potential customers.

Video Animations using renderforest.com, Benime app, and Plotagon are also part of the ways to generate steady online income that could earn stay-at-home moms a great deal of money.

Marketing videos, YouTube videos, and video ads for Facebook, Instagram, and Google ads are also part of the little work video creators do to make money online.

Intro and outro videos for YouTubers, typography videos, and cinematic intros are mostly sought after by most companies or clients.

Popular Software packages for video creation and editing are Camtasia, Kinemaster, Inshot, Benime, etc.

Popular Software packages for Animation video making are Plotagon, Renderforest.com, etc.


Typing jobs are also overlooked by many people but in the actual sense, it is a remote job that could fetch good money too.

Some companies and corporate bodies are badly in need of people who can help type their official documents, convert words from recorded speech into documents, and earn a great deal of money doing this.

The minimum amount you can earn from typing ranges from $ 10 dollars to $50dollars and you have the chance of getting more or working with such clients or companies for a very long time and getting more jobs from them.

The mode of getting clients for typists is easier and the pay is solely dependent on the amount a client, or a prospective company is willing to pay.

You can easily get a typing job that will not take you up to an hour for $50.

Imagine someone who can work up to 10 hours daily, that is $500 in a day and that is relatively a huge amount of money for some. Remember that you still stand a chance of getting prospective customers willing to pay a price that is higher than that for a job that would not take long hours.

Typing is one of the best jobs for students and for stay-at-home moms willing to make more money and generate consistent income online.

The beauty of this typing job is that most will pay you on an hourly basis and you can withdraw your money at any time at any place without waiting for long hours or weeks.



Writing is also a very lucrative way of earning in this century.

Writing is a very sought-after skill these days and it could generate as many millions of dollars as possible when it is been ventured into. Therefore, we have recommended it for our stay-at-home mothers.

Gone is the era when writing was considered a menial job that couldn’t even fend for the writer’s daily needs but now the reverse is the case as writing has become what many people do daily, and a lot wish to have those skills of writing.

Writing nowadays can guarantee a lifetime passive income for any writer who is serious about the venture. Click here to Sign Up For Writing Jobs.

Anyone could easily write content that serves the purpose of entertaining, educating, and solving people’s problems and sell them online to make money.

Publishing on another hand is also a great system that could generate steady cash flow for writers.

The cost of publishing books is one of the things that scares writers away in the past but now publishing is now so easy and free to do. Also, you can now market those written books and sell to customers willing to buy online without necessarily meeting them.

E-book publishing and creation is now so easy and very much lucrative since the advent of Amazon Kindle direct publishing which is free to publish and gives the individual self-acclaimed right to ownership of books.

Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing
Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing

Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing is the best platform for publishing and selling our eBooks( and Hardcopy Books) and getting a huge profit in return, plus earning lifetime royalties from your eBooks sold on the platform.

Most published writers are making a steady income flow by publishing their books on Amazon and marketing those books to sell to customers on Facebook, TikTok, and even Fiverr.

We have a comprehensive article on how to start Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing. Please Kindly read it below.

>> HERE: The Complete Guide To Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing<<

Writing is indeed a very lucrative job that anyone could easily join and engage in to get a steady income.

Amazon pays its publishers several billion dollars yearly which will give you a hint already that Amazon publishing is what anyone can do anywhere and at any time.

To be a publisher on Amazon you can visit kdp.amazon.com and register and become a publisher right there. So simple!

Click Below For More Resources About Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing:

How To Become A Best Selling Author On Amazon Kindle

Bestseller Book Marketing: Amazon Kindle Self Publishing


Yes, content creation is another hot cake that many would love to engage in, especially a stay-at-home mum. Content creation is almost like Writing.

Content creation is just creating write-ups, articles, scripts, and videos for the purpose of selling them.

Creating content and visuals for companies would fetch anyone a very good sum of money because almost every company needs someone who can help them with creating powerful content and visuals that would help potential customers find them.

Have you ever watched an ad on TV or on billboards, on social media, and on broadcasting companies? If yes, then you have seen the work of content and visual creators.

They create visuals and they get good pay for doing that. Some of those ads you watch on websites too are part of the content creators’ handiwork and this is seriously fetching a huge amount of money that most people may not even know.

Everyone creates content in one way or the other but only a few can market this skill and get reasonably paid from them. That is why content marketing is equally key here. It is never enough to just be a content creator. You need to make a good and reasonable amount of money from the expensive skill you have and that is why a content creator needs to market the skill and make much more money creating content.


We are currently in a digital world where you don’t necessarily need to start going from home to home, or from one shop to another before communicating your business to a larger audience and prospective buyers willing to buy from you.

The implication of this is that while you are sleeping on your bed and enjoying your sleep, your business could be communicated to a larger populace that would be willing to buy what you are selling through a paid ad on social media, broadcasting companies, and the like.

Those people that help set up these ads are called Ad Strategists and they make a reasonable pay for helping you to set up your ad on Google AdWords, Facebook, Tik-Tok, Instagram, and all other social platforms.

For your ad to reach more people, and get good engagement, then you really need to hire an ad strategist to set up and manage those ads.

Social media ad strategist makes a good and reasonable amount of money and everyone willing to make a great amount of money could easily be an ad strategist running paid ads for clients and companies.

For Stay-at-home moms or others wishing to learn about this beautiful and simple digital business venture, we have compiled a few bullet points of helpful resources for you below this paragraph.


All the jobs listed above are basically the best jobs a stay-at-home mom, a student, and anyone could venture into to earn more than just a living.

They are all easy to get started with, and the ones ventured into would fetch a reasonable amount of money consistently.

Please leave us a comment below in case you have other tips for making money online which will be good for stay-at-home moms.

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