Reasons Why Many New Businesses Fail After The First Year

Business Failure

It is not of a fallacy, the popular belief that many businesses fail after the first year of creation particularly in countries where access to capital is seemingly impossible and crowdfunding is low. One may wonder and even ask in protest, why would an entrepreneur start a business that he

Starting A New Business Enterprise

Starting A New Business Enterprise

Starting one’s own business is a great idea and this has always been the dream of so many aspiring/intending entrepreneurs. An Entrepreneur usually can identify several business opportunities/ideas which may come up at once; in this case, he is faced with problem of choice especially as the resources for investment

Where All Leading Entrepreneurship Ideas Come From

Leading Entrepreneurship Ideas

Entrepreneurship, as discussed in many of our previous articles, is a very wide field. Whole libraries have been written out of this field alone, countless books and essays. Many have sought the sources of the entrepreneurship ideas that make some entrepreneurs distinct from others, many conspiracies and counter conspiracies theories

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