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Just couple of years past, I was fascinated with the idea of starting an online platform that will be centred on entrepreneurship development, to specially promote small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). SMEs are called ‘small’ but their impacts on the economy cannot be overemphasized. This birthed a Facebook Group 1001 ENTREPRENEURS. A group designed to call up  entrepreneurs from different fields of endeavors, bound by common interests to promoting exceptional quality products and services and to foster entrepreneurship developments especially amongst the youths of today. There also came the need to build a website on same subject and this brought about 1001entrepreneurs.org. The main idea for creating the site was for a wider audience.

About Our Website

 https://www.1001entrepreneurs.org  is a website designed to encourage both intending and practicing entrepreneurs by furnishing them with helpful tips, ideas, and information on entrepreneurship development and lots more. It is also a media to to showcase the works of entrepreneurs who are registered members of the site. This vision was deemed paramount because entrepreneurship development is the major catalyst to economic, social and industrial developments of any nation.

Our website is one of such media to provide individuals especially the passionate youths, with the ability to recognize commercial opportunities, insight, knowledge and skills; and to act on them.

The site is essentially designed to inculcate entrepreneurial skills, acumen and their continuous development, and to stimulate the drive for business establishment, promoting enterprise development and self-employment.

Our Mission

We are here to encourage both intending and practicing entrepreneurs, and also to undertake research and actions focused on promoting entrepreneurship developments.

Our Vision

Our Vision is nothing less than raising entrepreneurs, encouraging enterprise development and self-employment.

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