Aftershave Production

Aftershave Production

Aftershave is a soothing scented liquid applied after shaving to soothe and scent the skin of the face. It is applied immediately after shaving to prevent the skin from bumps, rashes, or other skin diseases. Learning how to produce and package aftershave production can be a lucrative business for you. I believe all the Barbing saloons in your area use Aftershave; if this is true, then you can produce and supply to them. Military and Para-military personnel, Police, and other security outfits shave their beards almost everyday; these are good market opportunities for you. More so, you can supply well branded products to Super markets, Schools, Hostels, Hotels and Offices, etc. Whether you are a student, worker, graduate, housewife, etc you can start this business and make MONEY. Initial capital can be as low as N5000 only…Surprised ?


An aftershave is simply an aqueous ethyl alcohol solution and perfume. The desiredbalance of mild astringency and coolness is determined by the ratio of alcohol towater in the composition. Research and analysis have proven that many brands of aftershave contain between 50% and70% of ethyl alcohol by volume [Ethyl alcohol is an older name for ethanol, a colorless liquid with a pleasant smell which has a chemical formula: CH3-CH2-OH].


  • Measuring cylinder or any volume measurement container
  • Mixing basin or other suitable container
  • Stirrer


Formulation Table for Aftershave Production


1. Dissolve the perfume and propylene glycol in the alcohol

2. Add water slowly and stir well

3. Allow the solution to stand for several hours

4. Filter and pack into containers


The raw materials/chemicals needed for the production of aftershave are readily available and can easily be gotten in every state. Go to stores where chemicals are sold to buy them. You may also go to any science secondary school and enquire from their teachers or principal where they buy laboratory equipments and chemicals.

Plastic containers can be cheaply gotten at Onitsha or Lagos. I don’t know about your area but I believe you can get them from your central market(s)

Your branded sticker/Label can be mass produced from any local printer/press. Place them on these plastic containers.


Average price of Aftershave for those of us in Nigeria varies between N400 to N500. You can decide to supply yours for N300 or N350,this will increase you turnover. If you are in Nigeria remember to register with NAFDAC and CAC when your production and sales become worthwhile. So what are you waiting for? Go and produce Aftershave


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14 thoughts on “Aftershave Production

  1. My problem is with my own production, it was not cool on skin, it was watery and did not burn well when used with a clipper. What do you think might be the problem?

    1. Thanks for this comment.
      I perceive an error in the ratio of water to the alcohol. Most likely you have used less than required volume of alcohol; or greater volume of water as the case may be. More so, you might have bought fake or super diluted alcohol from vendors. Chemical selling guys can also be funny at times. Thanks

  2. Good day,

    Please what is the average quantity one can produce with certain quantity of materials

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