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I want to present to you, the Best Skill Acquisition Training Online in 2023.

After so many request from our numerous followers and our online students, we at 1001 Entrepreneurs have partnered with some highly resource personnel, and have come up with these intensive skill acquisition training, specially crafted exclusively for our readers and students.

This Training comes in two sections; one will grant you access to a comprehensive Practical EBook, and the other to over 48 Video Modules. The training modules include but are not limited to the various skincare products, and other household essential products and toiletries.

More so, you will be added to our new Forum page where you will get the chance to interact with other students globally and share views and ideas.

The best part, you will get the opportunity to enjoy MENTORSHIP from us FOREVER.

Modules For Our Online Skill Acquisition Training

Section One

The first section of the skill acquisition online training is via PRACTICAL VIDEOS; these products require practical demonstration for them to be easy to learn and understand; even by a layman. Modules are listed below:

  • Brown Canoe Laundry Soap (with recipes)
  • Soda Soap Production (with recipes)
  • Laundry Bar Soap Making (with recipes)
  • Organic Soap making (with recipes)
  • Transparent Tablet soap-making
  • Body cream and body lotion making (with recipes)
  • Pink Lip Balm
  • Hair Cream for Hair Growth, (with recipes)
  • Hair Butter
  • Shampoo (with recipes)
  • Hair Conditioner
  • Perfume production, (with recipes)
  • Detergent (with recipes)
  • Vaseline, (with recipes)
  • Liquid Soap, (with recipes)
  • Dettol, (with recipes)
  • Body Scrub,
  • How to convert Animal Fat to Oil for soap making
  • How to bleach palm oil without using fire

Section Two

The second section of the training is via E-books which contain how to produce over 50 different Products; recipes also included. The eBook also contains addresses on where to buy Chemicals for production in different parts of Nigeria…

More so, it contains a breakdown of how to get a NAFDAC REGISTRATION NUMBER and the addresses of the various NAFDAC Offices are in Nigeria

Here are some of the modules contained in our skill acquisition training EBook:


  • Egyptian body cream
  • Egyptian milk whitening lotion
  • Egyptian body wash
  • Half-cast serum
  • Half-cast cream
  • Half-cast oil
  • Half-cast whitening cream
  • Chocolate body butter
  • Baby body glowing cream
  • Peppermint pink-lip balm
  • Pink lip balm
  • Stretch mark cream
  • Strech mark scrub
  • Stretch mark oil
  • Facial cream
  • Day face cream
  • Night face cream
  • Fairness serum
  • Under eye cream for removal of dark circles
  • Night cream
  • Natural hair cream
  • Treatment for Acne(pimples)
  • Moroccan whitening soap
  • Whitening cream
  • Skin tonning herbal soap
  • Skin glow herbal soap
  • Salted chocolate coffee exfoliating body butter bar
  • Collagen body scrub
  • Natural hair cream
  • Caramel tone lotion
  • 10 Days Whitening lotion
  • Body spot eraser soap
  • Knuckle cleanser
  • Whitening melt and pour soap
  • Lightening melt and pour soap
  • Whitening black soap
  • Lightening oil
  • Whitening oil
  • Whitening body scrub
  • Skin glow oil
  • Molato Whitening Soap
  • African black soap
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  • Laundry bar soap production
  • Procedure for making laundry soap for practical or beginner-level
  • Semi-cold process soap production
  • Hot process soap production
  • Liquid multipurpose wash production
  • Body cream production
  • Hair conditioner production
  • Powder detergent production
  • Bleach production
  • Production of Disinfectant like Dettol
  • Hair cream production
  • Production of petroleum jelly like Vaseline
  • Liquid air freshener production
  • Transparent liquid soap production
  • List of essential oils
  • Names of some oils used for soap making & their properties
  • Terminology in soap-making

Note: You may decide to just take only one section of the skill acquisition packages or BOTH

Training BONUS

As an addendum to our online skill acquisition training packages , we have included some bonuses some of which are exclusive to our Nigerian students, and they include:

  • You will learn how to register your product with NAFDAC (Contained in the eBook)
  • You will learn how to package, promote and successfully sell your products.
  • You will get to know the locations of tons of chemical vendors, especially with regards to different states.(Contained in the eBook)
  • Forever Mentorship! Oh Yes! we will be your mentor forever!


Trust me, this is the best of its kind! Why not click on the link below to get started with your online skill acquisition training with us.

Click Here to Begin.

This specially crafted skill acquisition training program is too loaded and try to be among the early birds.

Here are few soaps, for your viewing pleasure…Online Skill Acquisition Training: Transparent Soap production 36 Milk Colour Bar soap Production Toilet Soap of different colours Online Skill Acquisition Training: Multipurpose Bar soap

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