Reasons Why You Must Be Your Own Boss

Be your own boss

If you are an employee, or work under someone, then this article on ‘how to be your own boss’,  has been written exclusively for you. It is important that as an employee, you must bear in mind that one of these things can happen to you any moment (or a

Difference Between Business Proposal And Business Plan

Business Proposal Versus Business Plan

BUSINESS PROPOSAL A business proposal is perhaps one of the most important documents every entrepreneur needs to learn how to write. It can spell the difference between success and failure in our business world today. Writing a winning business proposal will generally involves a lot of initial groundwork or research about the

Reasons Why Many New Businesses Fail After The First Year

Business Failure

It is not of a fallacy, the popular belief that many businesses fail after the first year of creation particularly in countries where access to capital is seemingly impossible and crowdfunding is low. One may wonder and even ask in protest, why would an entrepreneur start a business that he

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