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Every forum participant or contributor is solely responsible for anything that he/she uploads or posts on Forum page.

Our topics here are centered on entrepreneurship developments and self employment. Please don’t stray our RULES AND GUIDELINES:

  1. This is a Forum page intended to bring together, both intending and already practicing entrepreneurs. We have a common interest which is entrepreneurship development.
  2. Explicit contents such as pornographic, disgusting pictures, abusive language etc. are not allowed.
  3. Post only well researched articles.
  4. Your post must not infringe on the copyright of other authors…please acknowledge source where possible.
  5. No spamming in/of any form is allowed.
  6. Check spellings and grammars before making a post.
  7. Scam articles are totally prohibited.
  8. Don’t promote MLM schemes, Ponzi schemes and/or other related get-rich-quick schemes like ‘Give $1 to Make $30’ etc…if you do, you will be blocked permanently. You may advertise your products or services.
  9. Always remember that this Forum is centered on ENTREPRENEURSHIP development. So your post(s) should be in line with this.
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