Hawkit.ng: Legit or Scam? Make ₦5000 Daily Performing Social Tasks


About Hawkit

Hawkit.ng is a social media platform founded in 2022, June to be precise. They are into sales of social media services such as likes, comments, followers, subscribers, post sharing, views, etc. They achieve these by engaging registered members in performing these social tasks and making 20% of the payment received from these sales.

The Hawkit platform is also a marketplace where members can buy and sell products and services. The social marketplace allows members to find or post items for sale and promote their businesses with ease. They are also into sales of the various communication network airtime and data bundles at relatively cheaper prices.

With over 500k users and 50k daily visitors, hawkit.ng provides the best platform for all your online marketing needs. Through hawkit also, you can grow the fan base of any of your social medial handles in less than no distant time.

Like many other social media platforms, registration on the platform is FREE and can be done in just a few minutes.

Hawkit International Limited was incorporated on the 22nd of June 2020 and incorporated on the 1st of June 2020.

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Is Hawkit Legit or Scam? Hawkit Review

So many of my referrals first asked a similar question before signing up. Today, they are happily making money every day from the Hawkit platform.

To answer this question, Hawkit first of all is a registered company with the Corporate Affairs Commission of Nigeria. This at least, tells they are not just one of those sites, but legitimate to a large extent. More so, they can be traced.

Extensive research on the CAC website (https://search.cac.gov.ng/list) revealed they are a registered company since June 22, 2020. (RC 1677464)

Hawkit Registration On CAC
Hawkit CAC Registration Info.

More so, so many people are really cashing out by performing simple tasks on the Hawkit platform and nobody has come up with any negative reviews since its inception.

Just paint a mental picture of what they do; they charge clients for the social task and pay 20% of those charges to people who actually perform these tasks. It is just clear what they do, and how they make money they pay users.

Hawkit is also a social media platform just like every other one. You can follow people you like and also chat with them on the platform. This is just what we need! A social media platform that can remit back to an average user.


How Does It Work? All You Need To Know About Hawkit

How does Hawkit work? This is one good question. Of course, you are reading this article because you want to know what you need to know about Hawkit and everything that goes on within the platform; and possibly how you can tag along with those making money from the platform.

As stated earlier, Hawkit.ng is basically a platform for performing simple social media tasks that compensates users for doing them. The business model offers social media services to those in need of them and returns a percentage of the pay to its users who actually performed these tasks. It’s as simple as that.

To summarize, Hawkit collects money from individuals or business owners who wish to gain more followers, comments, shares, likes, subscribers, etc. on their social media handles or fan pages, then makes her users/members go to these social media platforms to perform those tasks of sharing posts, liking pages, subscribing to channels, retweeting on Twitter, commenting, etc.

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These members/users are thereafter rewarded with about 20% of the amount charged per task.

Four (4) Simple Ways to Make Money on Hawkit

There are basically four (4) ways to make consistent money as a new user of Hawkit.

  • Hawkit Referral Program
  • Performing Social Tasks
  • Selling On The Platform
  • Airtime/Data Reselling Business 

1. Hawkit Referral Program

 All registered members on Hawkit can earn referral bonuses in two different ways:

  1. Instant referral Commission
  2. Social Boost referral commission

Instant referral Commission

As a user, you get an instant referral commission when someone sign’s up via your referral link. Here your wallet is credited with ₦500 immediately, which is 50% of the registration fee (a one-time payment of ₦1000 for a member who wishes to join to perform social tasks to make money).

So the more new users/members you refer, the more money you will make. You can do this simply by posting your referral links on social media platforms like Facebook, WhatsApp statuses, Twitter, etc.

You may also get more referrals by doing one-on-one marketing, talking to prospective members, and making see reasons to join the Hawkit platform. You may start with friends, families, and neighbors. It is just as simple as that.

For example. If you can refer an average of 10 people to sign up in a day, this will earn you ₦5000 per day; this equates to ₦150, 000 per month. This is just referral bonuses alone! Please don’t say this is not possible because people are doing this already.

Besides, many people are really buying followers, likes, subscribers, etc, for their social media handles.  More and more digital marketers are coming up every day; more and more need a huge fan base or followers. They are looking for platforms like Hawkit to help them with these.

So your earning possibilities on the hawkit.ng platform is endless.

Social Boost referral commission

Another way of earning big via hawkit referral program is through Social Boost Referral Commissions. Here, you get a 20% commission on any referral who buys ‘Likes’, ‘Comments’,  ‘Post Shares’, ‘Followers, etc.

Consider an example, if you refer someone who buys 5000 Likes, this is worth ₦25000; you will earn ₦5000 commission instantly. The more they return to acquire more of the ‘likes’ the more you are being paid.

Now imagine referring to about 20 of such persons. This implies a whooping sum of ₦100,000. The more followers they buy, the more you will be earning.

Please if you have found value from this article you are reading, kindly use the username (elclassy) as your referral whenever you make up your mind to start hawkit business. Better still, use the referral link below for the sign up:


How To Get Your Hawkit Referal Link

  • To get your Hawkit referral link, simply click on your profile picture, from the drop-down menu.
  • Click on ‘My Profile’. This will take you to your dashboard. Just below the header, in the middle, you will find your referral link.
Your referral Link
Your Hawkit referral Link

When you share it with friends, or on social media pages, WhatsApp status, etc., you will be making ₦500 per person that signs up. You have to be creative when inviting prospects to sign up. Do a small convincing write-up to make them see reasons to sign up.

2. Performing Social Task

Hawkit provides a convenient and innovative way to earn money by simply participating in various social media tasks,

This is a guaranteed way of making consistent earnings from hawkit.ng platform. Social tasks are sent to your dashboard daily and you are expected to carry out the task and make money from them.

The more task you carry out, the more money you make daily. If you have the time and strength, you can make as much as ₦5000 per day.

These social tasks range from Post sharing, Liking, Subscribing, Re-tweeting, Sharing on WhatsApp statuses, etc. Earning per task can be ₦30, ₦20, ₦10, ₦15, ₦5, or ₦3. This varies with the different social media platforms as shown below:

Perform Social Task And Earn on Hawkit

Perform Social Task And Earn

If you can spend a dedicated 1 to 2 hours every day performing these tasks, you can earn up to ₦5000 each day.

Perform Social Task And Earn On Hawkit

I know this sounds too sweet to be true. Trust me, people like you are doing this and cashing out. It is not easy as it seems, but with determination, the sky is your limit.

3. Selling On The Platform

You can make very good profits from selling goods and services via hawkit marketplace. With over 500k active users and still counting, hawkit.ng provides the best platform for you to sell something online.

Why not take advantage of the huge traffic on Hawkit platform to sell something. Sell something unique and watch the sales as they flow in. Huge sales also imply huge profits.

Selling Platform
Selling on Hawkit Platform

I know you wouldn’t want to miss out on this. Start from now and begin to have dominion while the marketplace is relatively new.

Register today and start making money on Hawkit. Visit Registration Page>> HERE


4. Airtime/Data Reselling Business

You can earn by buying Airtime/Data bundles from Hawkit and reselling them outside the platform. Airtime/Data bundles are sold at relatively cheaper prices on Hawkit platform.

Buy cheap Data and Airtime at Hawkit

Anybody wishing to venture into the Airtime/Data reselling business can do this through hawkit. Even if you don’t want to resell, won’t it be wise to buy your airtime or data bundles at cheaper prices than buying from Banks through mobile apps or USSD?

Hawkit Sign Up: How To Register On Hawkit Platform

Registration on Hawkit platform is simple and very easy, and can be achieved in less than 2 minutes, filling simple forms in a few simple steps:

Hakit sign up form

  • Another form will prompt for your Username, Email and Password. Fill them out accordingly and click on create account button. Make sure your username is unique and interesting. Also, your password should be something strong with a minimum of six (6) characters.

hawkit sign up form 2

  • A verification code will be sent to your email; input this on the prompted field and you are good to go.
  • You will finally get a welcome message from Hawkit. You will also be required to update your profile information such as Gender, State, Local Government Area, and Phone number. You may also upload a profile picture and you are done.
  • Start Making Money.

Hawkit Minimum Withdrawal

It might interest you to know that the minimum threshold for withdrawal from your wallet is ₦100.


Why You Need To Sign Up With Hawkit.ng Today

It Is A Free Platform

Sign-up is free. To enjoy so many social and eCommerce features. It is simple and can be done in very few easy steps. However, those that want to earn by performing social tasks would be required to pay a one-time registration fee of ₦1000.

To Meet People

Foremost, it is a social media platform where you get to follow people, chat and interact. The world becomes a better place if we can relate to one another very well; besides, ‘no one is born an island. We all need each other to survive. Hawkit provides us with a simple platform to meet and interact with others. Especially with people in our various locations.

To Boost Your Social Followers

Are you a social media person who desires to build more online engagements? Perhaps you are a content creator looking for more fans? Maybe you are a digital marketer who is looking for more followers or convergence.

If you are one of the above and still struggling to build a huge fan base, then Hawkit platform is just ideal for you. They will help you boost your social followers and fans. All you need to do is sign up and buy real authentic followers, subscribers, post shares, likes, comments etc.

Buy Real Followers Via hawkit

These will help to boost your ranking algorithms and also encourage more and more fans to follow your page or social media handle.

Buy Followers And Likes From Hawkit

Just think about this, why must you wait for ages to build 1000 subscribers on your YouTube Channel as a prerequisite for monetization? In this part of the world, we are fast thinkers. It will make sense if you buy off these subscribers gradually and you are a step away from the monetization of your channel.

Hawkit Followers And Likes

Hawkit services are by far cheaper when compared to running ads on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google etc. to achieve similar goals.

Visit Hawkit Registration Page >> HERE << To Sign Up

Online Market Place For Buyers And Sellers

Just like Jiji.ng, Hawkit provides an online marketplace where you can easily buy or sell goods and services, especially to people within your locality. Isn’t this beautiful?

Why not take advantage of this emerging market and begin to build authority? By the time most folks will begin to see the prospects in Hawkit marketplace, you have gone miles ahead of them, and will be well known.

Entrepreneurs see opportunities where others see obstacles. Be an entrepreneur! Take that early step, while others follow.

To Buy Airtime And Data Bundles At A Discounted Rate

You can buy Airtime and Data from Hawkit platform at a very cheaper rate. You may even decide to be buying from the money you make from the platform.

Buy Data bundles and Airtime

For those who are into the reselling of Airtime/data bundles, this is a good avenue to run your mini telecoms business.

Hawkit.ng: Legit or Fake? Final Words

Hawkit is a registered company in Nigeria with CAC No RC 1677464. They have a traceable business location. It is a Social media platform that also serves as a marketplace for its users.

In addition to the above, Hawkit pays members for performing daily social activities on various social media platforms or websites such as liking posts on social media accounts, retweeting, commenting, following influencers, sharing posts or links, referring new members, etc.

About 20% per task charged to clients is used to pay users who carry out these social tasks.

Nothing else is shady about this online platform. Editors of this website, like many other sites, use them to buy ‘Post Shares’ so as to reach a wider audience

Hawkit.ng provides an excellent way to make extra money online because it’s free to join and doesn’t require any investment other than time spent doing tasks or getting referrals.

Register now for free and don’t miss out on the next big deal!

Click >>Here<< to visit Hawkit website to learn more!

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