How To Make Huge Income (Passive Income) As A PWAN Agent in 2022

PWAN (Ways To Make Money As A PWAN Real Estate Agent In Nigeria)

This article on ways to make money as a PWAN Real Estate Agent was updated in 2024

This article is carefully written to teach you how to make continuous income as a PWAN AGENT OR REALTOR. If you are serious to make money in 2023 and subsequent years, without breaking yourself in trying to work hard, then this article might just be for you.

Keep all distractions away, stay relaxed, grab a cup of coffee or your favourite beverage, and make sure you read this article to the very end.  Also, make sure you watch the embedded video clip that explains in detail how everything works.

You will agree with me that the way the country is going today, everyone surely needs more than one source of income to meet up with daily needs. One of these ways to add to these income streams is doing real estate business.

Pwan logo

Become an Agent or Realtor

The real estate business is one of the best businesses you can do, especially when it has to do with a reputable company like the PWAN Groups; by simply being a PWAN Agent or Realtor, also known as PBO [PWAN Business Owners].

Being a PWAN Agent or Realtor doesn’t stop you from doing other businesses or jobs alongside. This is very simple work that you can do even in your comfort zone or from the comfort of your home. Just post flyers on your WhatsApp status, Facebook pages, Instagram, and other social media platforms.

Provided you are consistent in your posts or updates, clients or prospects that have questions or inquiries regarding PWAN will start coming. All you need to do thereafter is to convince them about site inspections which can be organized through a given location PWAN affiliate Manager. Then relax and wait for your commissions to keep flowing once deals become successful.

PWAN allows you to make money as a realtor, and still plan for your future in regards to becoming a landlord, or owning your own property, with a very flexible payment plan system.

Believe me, so many people who have keyed into this opportunity have found their means of livelihood here. Perhaps you haven’t gotten a job or you are yet to find something to do; maybe you are even a stay-at-home mother, or as the case may be,  I want to suggest you connect with this platform for sustainability and growth while you wait for that dream job.

Who Are Your Prospects?

Nowadays almost everyone is looking for genuine properties to buy. However, they get scared because of so many scams involved in land deals, or the problems associated with that. For this single reason, most people now prefer to buy properties or lands from reputable real estate companies like PWAN group, especially those that permit flexible instalment payments like PWAN too.

You can now see why the income potential in PWAN real estate business is so huge.


As a registered PBO (PWAN Business Owner), you have the opportunity to sell PWAN estate lands/properties anywhere in the country, thus, making huge commissions plus other benefits from team efforts. Read on to learn more…

What does PWAN Stand for and what do they do?

PWAN is an acronym for Property World Africa Network.

PWAN GROUP is a conglomerate of different affiliate companies, they started as PWAN HOMES LIMITED, back then in March 2012. Hitherto, this Company has evolved into a   choice   Real   Estate   Developing and   Marketing Company with a reputation for integrity, responsibility, and excellence in service. The company is headquartered in Ajah, Lekki Lagos state.

PWAN  GROUP is presently made up of Thirty-one affiliate companies known as PWAN EDGE, PWAN Plus, PWAN Premium, PWAN Heritage, PWAN Haven, PWAN Prime, PWAN Legend, PWAN Stars, PWAN Lekki, PWAN Royale, PWAN Pro, PWAN Max, PWAN Advantage, PWAN Bazaar, PWAN Legacy and PWAN Signatures, PWAN Perfection, PWAN Lighthouse, PWAN Diamonds, PWAN Excel, PWAN Atlantic, PWAN Precious, PWAN Prestige, PWAN Potters, PWAN Towdah, PWAN Elite, PWAN Indigo, and PWAN Harmony, PWAN Champion, PWAN Icon

These 31 Companies under PWAN Groups,.have made it possible to see PWAN estate properties in almost every part of the country with exception of the far northern states. Presently in 21 states and still counting.

Is PWAN Group A Reputable Company?

Pwan Business Locations In Nigeria

Why should you trust this company enough to be part of it, and/or be willing to invest or invite people to invest or buy plots or properties from the company? Is their reputation worth it? These are some of the questions many people and business partners have asked before becoming a part of the PWAN Company or dealing with her.

For her integrity and reputation, the company (PWAN group) has sold out over 10,000 plots of land in their various estates respectively, in Nigeria. As of the time of this report, this company is presently in 24 states in Nigeria, with FCT inclusive.

With a vision to make the homeownership dream a reality, PWAN has a mission to discover affordable lands in fast-developing areas and make these available to you, and also show you how you can make money to buy land and build your own.

Remember they started in 2012, although began to appear under the spotlight around 2015. If not for their reputation and integrity, they wouldn’t have grown this big within 9 years. PWAN is the largest real estate company in Nigeria, and among the fastest-growing real estate company in the world.

Is PWAN into networking marketing?

To boost the sales of their lands or properties, PWAN Groups via the PBOs have incorporated networking marketing as one of the ways to promote and sell their estate lands. This is part of the reason why they have grown so big today.

PWAN is the first-ever real estate networking marketing company in the world…not like selling health products. With PWAN, you just recruit or refer good marketers as downlines and earn a lifetime 5% commission from efforts of their sales, plus many other benefits that come from team points.

Presently, there are a lot of PBOs and other business partners who are aggressively marketing and selling lands for this company. Most of these are done through networking.

As a leading network marketing real estate firm in the world, PWAN has empowered a lot of entrepreneurs and real estate marketers throughout Nigeria. The company has made thousands of people in the country to be homeowners through its highly flexible payment model.

In PWAN, while you are busy making money from any property your clients have subscribed for, and from commissions from sales efforts of your downlines, you are also making indirect contributions towards owning your own property too. Sounds ridiculous right? But it is true. CLICK>>HERE TO JOIN 


PBO Registration

What do you stand to gain from PWAN Business Opportunity?

This is just a “Tip of the Iceberg” for the kind of passive income/earnings you will begin to get working as a PWAN Agent or Realtor.

Once you refer someone who eventually buys a property or properties from the PWAN Group, you will earn a %15 commission from that sale. You get this each time the prospect makes any payment, whether in instalments or one-time payments.

Perhaps you are the shy type that doesn’t want to get involved with marketing these properties, you can still get an indirect commission of 5% each time a person you referred to joins the business and closes a land sale deal.

This is to say that when you register as an agent, you then get a more active person to register as an agent using your referral link. Then go to sleep while you enjoy 5% commissions all the time as the person is working. You can recruit as many downlines as possible, and let them do the work.

Imagine getting 5% of N10,000,000 for example; maybe from just one person. Hope you get the point now…

Land Acquisition Made Easy With PWAN

As a PBO you also get a Plot of your choice or a house of your own. Provided you are registered as their business partner, you are provided with a VERY flexible option of up to 5 years of instalment payments. Here, you look at your monthly income and decide how much you can set aside each month, to acquire a plot or plots of land or even a complete house. This payment can also be in intervals: say bi-monthly, quarterly, or as the case may be.

This company wants its business partners to own a home or property according to their budgets. The minimum package is around ₦15,000 per month. Whenever you are done with your payment, you may decide to sell off the property immediately with massive gains.

While you are making payments, you are also earning point values (PVs) and other referral commissions which translate to cash and are paid into your bank account supplied during registration

Note, you can register your children as PBOs too and get their lands after the prescribed period. As a good marketer, you can use the commissions you derive from sales to make these instalment payments for the said lands.

There are still other ways you can earn from PWAN, but they are functions of sales, the volume of deals closed out by yourself, or the team who are registered through you. We will attempt to explain some of these in the headings below:

12 Ways You Can Earn PWAN (AS A PBO)

Foremost, PBO stands for PWAN Business Owners. This is simply a registration status with the PWAN group that qualifies you to earn money while doing PWAN Business. Yes, you cannot just jump from the blues and start earning from a company that doesn’t know you. Some form of registration and documentation is required. It is very easy and in simple steps anyway. This will be discussed much later.

As a PWAN Business Partner, you are not just selling or marketing plots of estate lands for 15% commissions or 5% in-direct commissions from the sales of those that sign up through you.

There are a few other ways that also guarantee you a steady income. Below is a breakdown of the 12 ways to earn working as a realtor or agent or consultant for PWAN Group. You will get to enjoy these very well if you have a great team that is bringing in massive sales.

12 ways to earn in PWAN

How convenient is it to work as a PWAN Realtor or Agent?

PWAN real estate business can be done very conveniently even from your comfort zones. It is a business you can run by proxy or remotely. Thanks to the internet.  You can market and sell lands to prospects even without seeing them or the land in question.


With the power of social media, you can get prospects in different geographical locations, all you need do is to direct them to PWAN estate managers located in these areas; site inspections can also be arranged just by phone communication. In PWAN, you can be in Sokoto state for instance, and you will be earning commissions from pieces of land sold in Lagos.

This company is so organized that once the deal is finally closed, the credits go to you. Your point values will also reflect in your dashboard, and sales commissions also sent to your Bank accounts.

States in Nigeria where you can find PWAN Real Estate Properties?

As of the time of writing this article, PWAN estates are currently in about 24 states in Nigeria, with FCT inclusive. The tally is still increasing and spreading to more states, this is in line with PWAN’s vision to make the homeownership dream a reality for many.


How To Get Started

To get started, all you need to do is subscribe or become a PWAN Business Owner or PBO. Registration is simply by filling in your name, email, and address, uploading your passport photograph and signature specimen (Scanned copy)

Registration Packages

  • Register with a one-time fee of ₦1,650. This qualifies you to be an associate PBO. As an associate PBO, you only get a 10% commission from each sale you closed out. You don’t earn point values (PV)
  • Register with a one-time fee of ₦1,650 + Annual administrative fees of ₦36,000. This qualifies you as a Classic PBO and gives you 25point values (PV). Also, you get 15% commissions from sales through you.

This also qualifies you to subscribe to homeownership plans according to your budget as enumerated below, and payable within 5 years:

  1. Classic Package: ₦15,000
  2. Elite Package: ₦150,000
  3. VIP Package: ₦1,500,000

Once you have subscribed to any plan, you can continue with payments on any instalment of your choice, a minimum of ₦15,000 or in multiples. The span for payment is 5 years. Note you are getting these at a very cheap rate, and you can sell them off with massive gains immediately after you have completed your payments.

This is only available for registered members (PBOs).

Note: You can also upgrade your subscription package at any time, to qualify you to earn bigger commissions and point values.

Follow the link below to register and start your homeownership plan, while making money same time:

Call or WhatsApp 07069140167 for further guidance or enquiries.

Attend Seminars

Once you are done with registration, you will try to attend seminars. PWAN seminars hold every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday in their various locations nationwide. The meeting time is 10 am.

In the Seminars, presentations are made to help the respective PWAN Business Partners understand the PWAN Business and how to market and sell PWAN Estate plots to earn them commissions.

In the Seminars also, you will be trained on what to say, and how to go about doing this business. You will also be taken for site inspections to see the plots mapped out for sale.

You will also get first-hand information on any new ground available for sale. New sites usually come with promo (e.g buy 4 to get 1) and they come cheaper. You may want to use this kind of opportunity to get new clients or prospects. So, you should endeavour to attend seminars once in a while if not all the time.

You can visit PWAN PBO REGIONAL Offices nationwide for seminars. Check them out below:

Head Office:  

Floor 1 to 5. Puri Mall Building, Km 25, Lekki Epe expressway, Opposite Lagos State University (LASU), Oko Ado, Lekki-Ajah, Lagos.

Ajah Office:

Landmark Building, Ikota Shopping Complex, Lekki Epe, Ajah, Lagos

Asaba Office:

1, Amechi Iyoh Way, Behind Hotel Cubana, Before Dominion City Church, NTA Road, Off Okpanam by Macdons, Asaba, Delta State.

Abuja Office:

2, Agadez Street, Off Aminu Kano Crescent, Wuse, Abuja.

Awka Office:

Km41, Enugu-Onitsha Expressway, Beside Zenith Bank, Regina Caeli Junction, Awka, Anambra State.

Bayelsa Office:

No 6 Palm Avenue, Behind Bolex Carwash, Okaka Estate, Yenagoa.

Benin Office:

8, Aideyan Crescent, Off Aikhionbare Street, Off Ihama Road, GRA, Benin City.

Calabar Office:

83, Ndidem Usang Iso (Marian) Road, 1st Floor, Beauty Plaza (Enumex Cosmetics) Opposite Total Filling Station, Calabar, Cross River State.

Enugu Office:

55A, Liberty Estate Phase 1, Independence Layout, Enugu State.

Eket Office:

Dremo Hotels & Suites, 15 Ibekwe Avenue, Off Idua Road, Eket.

Nnewi Office:

A-Z Petroleum Station By Traffic Light Junction, Along Nnewi-Okigwe Road, Nnewi, Anambra State.

Ibadan Office:

8, Challenge/Molete Road, Off Idi-Oro Junction, Opposite UBA, Plc, Challenge, Ibadan, Oyo State.

Ikeja Office:

16, Sule Abuka Street, Off Opebi Allen, Ikeja, Lagos.

Otta Office:

Grace of God Complex, Km 10, Idiroko Road, Opposite Canaan Land, Otta, Ogun State.

Orlu Branch:

Second Floor, 10 L.N Obioha Road, Opposite Degeneral Nwankpi Hotel, By FCMB Bank, Orlu, Imo State.

Owerri Office:

7, Cyril Ibeto Crescent, Behind ITC Park, Opposite First Love Assembly, Ikenegbu Layout Extension, Owerri, Imo State.

Port Harcourt Office:

97, Olu Obasanjo Way, Beside Ecobank, Port Harcourt, River State.

Uyo Main Office:

164, Nwaniba Road, Uyo, Akwa Ibom State.

Uyo Branch Office:

174, Ikot Ekpene Road, Uyo, Akwa Ibom State.

Warri Office:

48, Airport Road, Before St. Mary’s Hospital Junction, Effurun, Warri, Delta State.

Recaps Of Benefits Of Doing PWAN Real Estate Business

As a PBO, When someone joins through you, the company also pays you a sum of ₦7,200 in appreciation of your effort. Plus 15% direct commissions on any sale through you. Plus homeownership subscription, with a very convenient payment plan.

When you have up to 30 registered PBOs under you, PWAN will make you a TEAM MANAGER, coupled with a celebration that goes with it. Plus, you will also get rewarded with a sum of ₦144,000 again.

When someone you recruited sells something under you, you will be paid a 5% commission on the sale. When the person recruits also, and the people sell, you will be paid, a 3% commission on the sales. This continues up to the 3rd and last level, where you get a 1% commission.

PWAN Group presently has about 21 affiliate companies and is all incorporated in Nigeria as a brand. This also means that income potentials from these companies are very high. You can promote any of these estate plots…it is very easy to do this.

Remember that sales can come in at any time and from any downline. So in PWAN Business, you will be getting money and money and money all the time. This is a true definition of Passive Income.

Feel free to start your registration now. Click >> Here!

I say, welcome to a place where millionaires can be made overnight. PWAN!

Join Our Winning Team Lets Earn Together

Remember, when you join PWAN, you must be ready to sell lands and/or recruit people (via networking) who can sell lands. This way, you are earning g commissions from direct sales or indirect commissions or other point values that further translate to cash.

Being part of a strong team with good managers will help you achieve these goals more conveniently. You will get the benefit of one-on-one presentations to help you kick off from good ground. You will also be added to the WhatsApp group where you meet like minds and interact on new strategies on how to go about your marketing.

Register Now as PBO >> CLICK HERE.

Also, click the link: to chat up on WhatsApp, and to be added to the WhatsApp Business group or >>CLICK HERE

Please do not join the group if you are not registered; you will be thrown out.

Every year has the opportunity that comes with it. Take this real estate business as one of the opportunities presented to you this year.


This is a quick knowledge on how you can make money as an Estate Agent or consultant (PBO) in this prestigious real estate company (PWAN) an acronym for Property World Africa Network.

Registration comes in 3 Packages


  1. Associate PBO: you register with ₦1,650 and you are entitled to a 10% commission when you sell any of our estate land across Nigeria.
  2. Classic PBO ( ₦16,650 ): it means you are still an Associate member but are subscribing to homeownership with ₦15,000 monthly payment.
  3. Gold PBO (₦37,650): This is an upgrade where you get a 15% commission instead of the 10% plus a lot of incentives(gift items) and also the opportunity for an all-expense-paid trip abroad when you sell land for the company.
  4. Classic Gold (₦52,650): This gives you a 15% commission on any land sold on behalf of PWAN and your monthly subscription of (₦15,000) for 2 bedroom apartment or land to be given to you in any location across Nigeria where they have landed properties or where you have land to be built for you by the company within 5years or less.

This is an opportunity where you make money as a realtor and still plan for your future in view of becoming a landlord with a nice payment plan system.

If you haven’t gotten a job or you are yet to find something doing I suggest you connect with this platform for sustainability and growth while you wait.

A lot of people have found their means of livelihood here because it paves way for growth and balance.

So I urge you to be part of this opportunity as you will be learning a whole lot about real estate business opportunities.

Click To Start Now >>

Thank you.

pwan homeownershipIf you are only interested in acquiring any PWAN estate plots or properties in any of their locations in Nigeria, kindly call 07069140167 or Click >> Here to chat with us on WhatsApp for further inquiries or assistance.




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