How To Make Money From Concrete Mixer Leasing Business In Nigeria

Concrete Mixer Leasing is a cool and silent business which can furnish your account with pretty sum of money from time to time. The rate at which people are building today has made the business a viable one; once started, you can recouple your capital in less than no distant time.


A Concrete Mixer [also known as cement mixer] is a machine that homogeneously mixes cement, coarse aggregate (such as sand or gravel), and water to produce concrete. Many contractors also use this type of mixer to mix mortar for brick and block. Conventional concrete mixer uses a revolving drum to mix the components. Drum capacity varies and may not be limited to: 2Cuft, 3.5Cuft, 5Cuft, 6Cuft, 9Cuft for small and medium sized mixers. These machines can be electrically powered via electric motor or can be of gasoline (petrol) engine or diesel engine design.

Concrete Mixers are in high demand today in building sites due to the fact that they do better and quicker job than mixing by hand and it is not such a hard job operating a concrete mixer machine.

Concrete Mixer Leasing Business

Depending on the area, the machine hire goes between 15 -20K per day on the average. If the lease terms are such that you have to provide an operator for the machine (Recommended), then you can charge up to 20k; pay the operator about 4k, and 2k goes for fueling, in this case you can make an average sum of 14k per day. If your machine is rented throughout the month by a site engineer that means you can make over N300k to N350k.

The good thing about this business is that you don’t necessarily have to go about to different building sites advertising your machine, Site engineers from time to time will always call for your Mixer. All you need to do is to make sure that your machine is readily available and in good condition all the time.

Concrete Mixer


Where to buy a concrete mixer shouldn’t be a problem because they are available almost everywhere in the country especially in the urban areas. But if you still have issue, you can always consult a building material shop owner or a building site engineer and make your enquiry on how you can get one. Internet has made things easier too; and a whole lots of other ecommerce media can be another option to make your purchase. Mixers come in different designs and sizes, the prices too vary. A medium sized mixer goes for about N380,000 to N600,000 and definitely not more. A bigger size goes above NMillion.

concrete mixer


  • Clean up your concrete mixer in between usage. A light coating of diesel fuel can be used on the inside of the mixing chamber to prevent cement from sticking on the inside. If you need to scrub the surface of the concrete mixer, a stiff brush works well.
  • For gasoline(petrol) engine, the fuel valve should always be turned to the OFF position before towing the mixer. If otherwise, the engine cylinder may be filled with gasoline, making the engine unable to start.
  • Lubricate the bearing parts regularly according to its service conditions.
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