How To Make Spray Perfume With Long-Lasting Fragrance

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Producing a spray perfume with a long-lasting fragrance can be fun and rewarding. With this skill, you will no longer spend fortunes on designer perfumes. You can now produce your unique blend in the comfort of your home and at a very cheap cost.

Perfumes with brand names are very expensive; you don’t have to spend that much purchasing one. With simple information and a wealth of resources online today, you can create your signature brand. Most of these resources on the internet are all free.

In addition to producing perfume for personal use, one can also venture into the business aspect of the production. It is a very good side hustle that you won’t regret venturing into. It is a fun way of turning your passion into an income stream.

In the video described in this article, you will learn how to produce about 1 Liter of long-lasting spray perfume in your comfort.

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Below are the 3 Basic ingredients required for our production:

  1. Ethanol
  2. Propylene Glycol
  3. Perfume Concentrate (Perfume oil)


It is an excellent solvent that helps dissolve and stabilize various fragrance compounds. This helps in the homogeneous mixture of various ingredients in the perfume blend.

Ethanol also helps disperse the fragrance into the air, allowing it to be perceived by the wearer and those around them.

Propylene Glycol

Propylene glycol makes the fragrance not to evaporate quickly. It helps it to last a little longer. It also helps in the stability of the product by not allowing other components to separate into other forms.

Perfume Oil

This is also known as perfume concentrate, it is the primary source of the desired fragrance in a perfume. It is the major ingredient that defines the fragrance.

The formulation and procedure are detailed in the full video. Follow the steps in the video and you will be glad to learn how to produce your own spray perfume with a long-lasting fragrance.

A few people would prefer Alcohol Free Perfume for a few reasons, starting with the strength and harshness of alcohol or sensitive skin nature. A video of the step-by-step production without using Alcohol is embedded below:

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Formulation For About 1 Liter Production

  1. Ethanol………………..……………….600ml
  2. Propylene Glycol…………………..50ml
  3. Perfume Concentrate…………..300ml

For the best result, do well to mix at least 1 portion of Perfume Concentrate with 2 portions of Alcohol. More so, the Propylene Glycol should take up to  7 to 10 % of the total volume of the Alcohol+ Perfume concentrate.

Equipment And Tools Needed For The Production Of The Perfume

You will need some of this basic equipment or tools to aid your production.

  1. Measuring Cylinder or Graduated Beakers
  2. Funnels especially the very small ones that will fit into the spray bottles.
  3. A Mixing container, get one with a tight cover.
  4. Very clean or sterile spray bottles.

Safety Precautions/Warnings

Kindly note that you are dealing with highly flammable substances.

Please, ensure you carry out any kind of production that involves alcohol or concentrated perfume oil not close to an open flame or intense heat source…

More so, work safely to avoid the risk of fire or other hazards associated with improper use of chemicals.

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Again, you should carry out this production in a well-ventilated and properly illuminated environment.

All chemicals must be kept away from children and pets.

Finally, ensure to use of the appropriate PPEs.


Below is the video tutorial for the production of the spray perfume.

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Lady spraying perfume

Allow The Perfume Sometime To Mature

When you are done with the production, please, don’t use the product immediately. Leave it covered for a minimum of two weeks or more for maceration. This maturity phase enables all the ingredients of the formula to harmoniously blend. More so, it makes the fragrance of the perfume to become stronger.

Benefits of a Good Homemade Perfume

Here are some benefits of a good homemade perfume:

  • It enhances mood.
  • Helps to boost confidence.
  • It boosts health.
  • Can make you attractive.
  • It triggers memories.
  • May help combat insomnia.
  • Cures a headache.
  • And many more!

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Important Disclaimer:

The information in this article is intended for educational and informational purposes only.

The content is from the personal research and resources learned online.

Kindly exercise caution and conduct your research before attempting to create your own product.

Also note that the ingredients used may have individual sensitivities or allergies, the author of this article or publisher is not responsible for any adverse reactions or consequences resulting from the application or misuse of the presented content.

Furthermore, follow the right safety guidelines and consult with professionals when carrying out productions involving chemicals.


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