How To Produce Liquid Air Freshener In Nigeria In 2022

Liquid Air Freshener

I Sincerely plead that you watch this video below: It is a simplified step-by-step video tutorial on the production of Liquid Air Freshener.

Liquid Air Fresheners are generally used to improve the quality of the air we breathe, and also to get rid of bad odors within our surroundings or environment. This article is a very simple step-by-step guide on how you can produce your own Liquid Air Freshener at home.

After reading this article, it will enable you to make the decision whether to continue buying expensive liquid air fresheners out there or to embark on producing yourself and saving a lot of money.

Apart from producing liquid air fresheners for domestic use, one can also venture into the business aspect of the production. Considering how the economy of the country is moving, one doesn’t need to be told again that having multiple income streams will help a great deal in tackling several financial challenges that prompt from time to time.

The liquid air freshener production business is one of those low-capital businesses that one can venture into, more so, the market prospect is huge.

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Liquid Air Freshener Perfume

Perfume is the most important component of the Liquid air freshener. It is the basis for the fragrances of air fresheners. There are so many sweet-smelling perfumes out there, examples are:

  • Tangerine
  • Ambi pur
  • Lavendar
  • Lemon
  • Strawberry
  • Banana
  • Etc


One can also mix two or more perfumes to give a unique pleasant fragrance that will make your product stand out, especially where there are competitors.


Methanol is a colorless liquid just like pure water. It is also the medium used to dissolve the menthol; ordinarily, menthol will not dissolve in water, except at its boiling point, but they do in alcohol or emulsifier.


Menthol is a colorless and waxy crystalline solid (at room temperature). Not really water-soluble, except at its melting point when it can dissolve in water. It has a strong pleasant mint smell. Menthol as a constituent of the liquid air freshener helps the fragrance diffuse or spread into the surrounding air.


Colorant For Liquid Air Freshener

Water-soluble color is used for this production. Color gives the liquid air freshener that appealing look. It may not be necessary when you are producing liquid air fresheners for domestic purposes. But will help a great deal when the product is meant to be sold. It makes the appearance pleasant to the eyes.

Pink, light blue, and cream are very fantastic colours for liquid air fresheners.


Texapon For the production Of Liquid Air Freshener

The Texapon helps to keep the mixture together without separating into its constituents; this means it prevents liquids that ordinarily do not mix, from separating. So it is the Texapon that makes the mixture stay stabilized. It is the main Emulsifier in the production of liquid air freshener. So with texapon, your mixture will stay together without separating.


The Nitrosol is a thickener. (Used mainly in liquid soap production or car wash liquid soap) In Liquid air freshener, it is used to prevent it from being too watery, and also to reduce the rate of evaporation of the liquid air freshener. This way, the fragrance stays a little longer after it is sprayed on anything.


Always remind the chemical vendor to have these chemicals well-labelled especially if you are a newbie, especially if you are not familiar with the various chemicals, and how they look physically.

More so, in some instances, the vendor might not have certain chemicals required for a given production, this is not just limited to Liquid air freshener production, in this case, just tell them to give you close substitutes of those chemicals. For Example, antisol can be used to replace nitrosol, as they both function as thickeners.

Considering the paragraph above, it is very important for you to know the functions of the chemicals and the parts they play in any chemical product or production.


The following are very necessary tools when producing Liquid air fresheners:

  • A bowl that can contain a total of 5 litres without spillage. A plastic bowl is most preferable.
  • Measurement cylinder or Beaker
  • A wooden stirrer or even a spatula.
  • Funnel
  • Sieve


1Perfume75CL (3-quarter of a liter)
2Texapon25CL (1-quarter of a liter)
3Methanol1 Liter
4Menthol1 Teaspoonful
5NitrosolAs desired… just to make it not to be watery
6Colourant1 Tablespoon or as desired

You should not bother yourself much about these measurements, especially if you are still a greenhorn in the production of liquid air freshener or similar chemical products that requires measurement.

I have always emphasized this, especially in the article Production Of Liquid Soap In Nigeria. If you know you are not familiar with measurements, perhaps you don’t have a science or technical background, you don’t have to buy these chemicals in large quantities and thereafter, start struggling with measurement.

Just tell the vendors the total volume of liquid air freshener you want to produce, and they will sell to you accordingly, with every chemical already measured. Just go on with the procedure and produce your freshener with the chemicals sold to you


  • It is very important you put on your personal protective equipment (PPE) when dealing with chemicals; common examples include but are not limited to a face shield, nose mask, and rubber gloves.
  • Do not carry out the production near any open lame or naked fire. Most of the chemicals are very flammable.
  • Dare not to taste any chemical, or to smell it directly with the nose.
  • Carry out the production in a well-ventilated room with good illumination.
  • Finally, keep all chemicals out of reach of children.

PROCEDURES (Step-by-step guide for production)

Liquid Air Freshener Production
  1. Dissolve the Nitrosol in 3 litres of water and keep it aside. Use your discretion here. The essence of this is to make the liquid air freshener not be too watery, don’t also make it thick such that it can pass through the nozzle of a spraying container.
  2. Pour the teaspoonful of menthol into the methanol and allow it to dissolve; you can stir to make it dissolve faster. Keep it aside too.
  3. Pour the 75Cl of perfume into the main mixing bowl; add the texapon into it and gently stir until the texapon dissolves completely in the perfume.
  4. Now add the mixture of menthol and methanol, into the bowl containing the (perfume + Texapon), stir very well and gently.
  5. Next is to add the (water+nitrosol mixture) you first kept aside. Stir well to achieve a homogeneous mixture.
  6. Now Dissolve a pinch of colorant in a small quantity of water and add it to the main mixture. Note this is optional, but will be good for commercial production, to give the Liquid air freshener that first appealing look.
  7. Cover the Air freshener, make it airtight and allow for about 24hrs.
  8. Stir well again and sieve to remove any unwanted impurities, then package them in containers, ready for market or for home use.
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Liquid Air Freshener
Liquid Air Freshener For Home Use

Can be used in houses, especially where we have many children, in toilets and conveniences, hospitals, hotels, offices, etc. in the following ways:

  • Used in sanitizing the surrounding air, and keeping it fresh.
  • Used for odor control. Generally helps to take off offensive odours.
  • Can be added to water when mopping the floor or cleaning it.
  • If you have children at home, you really need Liquid air fresheners


Foremost, the Liquid Air Freshener business is not capital intensive, it is a kind you can start on a small scale, and grow over time. The amount of money needed for a small-scale production can be as low as ₦20,000

The Business is very profitable because you can double or triple your starting capital within the shortest possible time; however still depends on your marketing abilities, you may even employ vendors that can help take these products to the target customers.

Your prospective customers are readily available all the time; customers’ potential for this business is just very huge: Neighbors, Schools, Hotels, Hospitals, Restaurants & Eateries, Offices, and Car owners (especially those coming to wash their cars in car wash boots) Transport companies, etc.

Just ensure your perfume combination is unique and excellent. This will make every customer that once bought from you to be a returning customer.

The need for good branding and packaging cannot be overemphasized here. Design stickers or labels that will give your product container that unique and appealing look.

Get good spraying containers with good nozzles. This is very important as they will make your product stand out from those of close competitors in the market.


This article has discussed how you can produce Liquid Air Fresheners in the comfort of your home. First, it listed and described the various chemicals used and their respective functions or part they play in the liquid air freshener.

It also enumerated simple steps or procedural guides in the production of a 5Liter volume of the product and carrying it out the production safely.

We also saw that the applications or uses of a typical liquid air freshener cannot be over-emphasized, as the use is seen mostly in our homes, offices, hospitals, etc, and this has made the income potential to be very high.

Those who want to go into production for commercial purposes are already on their way to making huge capital gains provided they have a good market for their products. This is partly because the chemicals used in the production of liquid air fresheners are relatively very cheap, and are readily available.

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There might still be other procedures out there on the internet, this particular method is from the author’s expertise and function of his research. As a disclaimer, it is important you carry out your own research before embarking on any production. What you just read is for education and information purpose only.

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