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The objective of this article is to expose you to recharge card printing and VTU related business like DATA selling, Cable TV Subscription, Electricity Bills payment etc. This is completely FREE! I cadge you therefore, to spare 2minutes of your time to read the article to the end.

Recharge card printing and  VTU related businesses are now easier and much better than what we used to know, simple reason is that the big market players and super vendors now have competitors, now everyone wants to step up to things in more efficient and convenient ways so as to attract customers. For many of these super vendors, all you need do is create account, fund your wallet, generate e-pins and then prints your cards; sell data bundles, VTU or as the case may be etc.

How Profitable Is Recharge Card Printing And VTU Related Business In Nigeria?

Every day, millions of people in the country make use of airtime and data subscription, they pay for DStv, GOtv, StarTimes and Electricity bills whether they like it or not! Despite the economic downturn, people are still paying for all these still. For these few reasons, this means that Recharge Card Printing and VTU related business can be very profitable as long as you have customers and you very determined to do the business.

There is Money in Recharge card printing and VTU related business if you take it a little serious. Have you considered why all Banks operate VTU and even sell airtime as low as N100? These guys are making millions by just dispensing airtime to their customers via their platform. Kindly consider adding Telecom business to whatever you are doing, just make it one of your ‘side huzzle’; better still, for your own consumption at discounted rates.

elclassy global concept

To get started with recharge card printing business and other vtu related business as the case may be, first, you have to be registered with the super vendor below. REGISTRATION IS COMPLETELY FREE. All that is required are just your name, phone number and password.  Kindly click on the link to register


Proceed to fund your wallet with at least N100 or above. Note this will go directly into your wallet and you can start transacting immediately; enjoying discounts on all you do.

If you want to make more sale and leverage on this business, then you may need to upgrade your account. By upgrading, you are your own brand and a boss! Meaning you will own your own website and you deal with the company directly. Upgrading is a typical way to buy from the company at a very cheap rate while reselling to other; by so doing, you can maximize your profit.

This business simply enables you to:

  • Generate Recharge card pins,
  • Print paper recharge cards
  • Virtual Top Up services (VTU)
  • Data bundle, personal usage or resell
  • Cable TV subscriptions; DStv, GOtv, Startimes
  • Electricity bills payments, IKEDC, EKEDC, AEDC etc.
  • It also enables you own a personalized website where the above mentioned activities can be done. All from the comfort of your home and using your smart phone or computer.
Basic Tools For Recharge Card Printing Business

If you are reading this article solely for recharge card printing business, then you will get yourself a working laptop with good internet connection, A3/A4 papers for printing out of the recharge card pins, any printing machine you can connect with your computer; color printer preferably.

Click on the link to begin>> https://www.elclassyglobalconcept/recharge-card-printing/register.asp Registration is free and doesn’t take up to 2 minutes. Just your name and your phone number…Again, Registration is completely Free!

Other Benefits And Referral Aspect Of The Business

This business also has the networking aspect where you make commissions simply by referring more customers to the company. This is not compulsory, you may choose to refer or not; the commissions are however, juicy and one may not be able to resist it (*SMILES*). This is not applicable to those running a FREE ACCOUNT.

Join >> Refer >> Earn

The referral program will give you an opportunity to earn a steady stream of income when you invite your family and friends to join. You will earn a 5% store commission for Airtime, Data bundle, Cable TV subscription and Electricity bill payment they purchase PLUS an additional 30% referral commission of their membership upgrade fee.

Please Note that there are 3 other levels of membership accounts. You can still make very good profits running a free account when you sell data or the VTU aspect or Bills payment or TV subscription; better gain in the recharge card printing and other VTU related business when your account is upgraded to VIP Account, Reseller Account, or Sub-Distributor Account respectively. The bigger the account, the better the profits.

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Also note this as well: As a free member, you only get discount for every transaction you make whereas an upgraded member, will get discount for every transaction plus commission for each transaction made by your downlines (for those that referred others into the business).

Let me quickly tell you the difference between the upgraded membership packages: i.e a VIP MEMBER, a RESELLER MEMBER & a SUB-DISTRIBUTOR

  1. Access to your own sub domain website with your company name attached to it. That’s your referral link.
  2. 30% commission on each upgrade of your referral
  3. 3% commission on all the recharge of your downlines
  4. 5% commission on the total monthly recharge of your downlines above 100k
  1. Access to your own domain customized for you with your own name. e.g
  2. Access to buy at company price which is cheaper than VIP rate
  3. 5% commission on all the recharge of your downlines
  4. 5% commission on the total monthly recharge of your downlines above 100k
  5. 30% commission on the upgrade fees of your referral for both VIP, RESELLER and SUB-DISTRIBUTOR. For example: RESELLER UPGRADE FEE 25K, you get a bonus of N7,500. This commission is credited instantly.
  1. Access to your own domain website customized for you with your own name e.g
  2. Access to buy at company price which is currently cheaper than the reseller membership account rate
  3. 5% commission on all the recharge of your downlines
  4. 5% commission on the total monthly recharge of your downlines above 100k
  5. 30% commission on the upgrade fees of your referral.
  6. In addition an app will be created by the company just for you with your own business name


Recharge card printing and VTU related business is now easier than you have always thought. To achieve these from this company, all you need do is register by Just using your name and phone number, then your password. Register Here

Fund your wallet: The Providus Bank Account Number you will see in the site is unique to your wallet in the site. Meaning it is your personal account number. When you into that account, your wallet will be funded immediately. Bank Deposit/Transfer works better with instant funding to your wallet(N100-5,000,000), but there are still other payment means to the account like Interswitch(1.5% commission on deposit between N100-N9,500), Flutterwave(1.2% commission. Deposit is between N100-N5000)

Generate your e-pins and print your desired voucher and network. Note you can also sell Data bundles there, make Electricity Bills payment, Cable TV subscription or send money to users. The site is very easy to navigate through.



In you can get MTN Data for as cheap as ₦320 per GByte; 5Gbyte goes for ₦1600.

They still sell for other networks. For VTU, u can get upto 4% discount for Top Ups. There are loads of other juicy offers they have there. Click here to sign up.

Note: A one-time registration fee of ₦1000 only, is applicable to this site. You can register now to ensure your have kick started, then fund your account after. Remember procrastination is an enemy of success!

Register Here in just few steps…





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