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If you are running a website at the moment, chances are that you already have some form of web traffic, this could be a large amount of traffic or even a smaller one. Whatever the scenario, you may want to increase the website’s traffic.

Web traffic is what increases the income we make online through our websites.click4trafficWithout traffic, your online business will not succeed. This article would educate you on how to significantly increase the volume of traffic to your site.

If you want to make more money online, then you should learn effective ways to drive traffic to your website, blog, or any other online-based business. Make sure you read to the end if you desire to increase traffic to your website


Article marketing is one of the practical ways you can use to increase traffic to your website.

Article marketing basically, is a branch of content marketing that has to do with the writing of short pieces of content and distributing them to different article directories on the internet with the main aim of getting backlinks to your website.

A large number of people don’t do this right. It is not enough to submit articles containing your website links to any article directories and expect readers to click on the link; you must learn to write your article well to get readers who would click on embeded links thereby increasing traffic to your website.

You must adhere to the following if you want to use article marketing to increase traffic to your website: You must ensure your article is easy to find on search engines, to achieve this, use the proper keywords with the right keyword density that relates to what people are searching at a given time. This will help to increase your ranking on search engines and people can see your articles on the front pages when they search.

The title of your article should be in such a way that it would entice people to read it. The title is the first thing your readers will see before deciding whether to continue or not with the article. So, the title of your articles should be interesting and appealing enough to grab the attention of your audience. This will increase the chances of your audience clicking on your web link and increasing the amount of traffic to your website.

In addition to the above, if you must increase traffic to your website, then you must write quality content that is informative and very interesting. When people search the web, they have specific information they are looking for. If your article appears on their search, it should provide them with relevant information about their search in the synopsis that appears, this will make them want to click the web link to read full detail.

Also, include a clear and direct call to action in the end part of the article. Use suitable words or phrases to call upon your readers to click on your website link…E.g., ‘Read More’, ‘Click Here, ‘Join Now’. Your website link should be added to the concluding part of the article. You may also include baits like bonuses to make them easily click the link, increasing the traffic to your website thereafter.

So Article marketing if done right can bring you better SEO, good pages rank, and more traffic to your websites


Another easier and effective way is by the use of the software. Because of the increasing number of websites daily, it is now difficult to get desired traffic to one’s website. The competition is too much nowadays. The question now is, are there other tools that can direct traffic to websites? The answer is yes! There are so many software you can use to increase traffic to your website. Click Here for details.Click4Traffic


Forum marketing is one of the proven ways you can use to advertise products and services, and also to increase traffic to your website. Though this can be time-consuming, the end goal is worth it. This will involve you joining forums, be active, and take part in discussions by asking or answering questions.

Try to be honest and informative as much as possible. Embed your web links in your contributions or answers as a way of taking traffic to your site. Remember not to spam the forum with links; you could be thrown out from the forum.

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Forum sites like,, etc. are search engine friendly. The more items you post on the forum, the more chances of backlinks to your website because search engines will always crawl these sites. This will also aid in the growth of your website’s traffic.

When done right, forum marketing is one of the most effective ways to increase traffic to the website.


It is very simple to use blogs to increase the traffic to your website, but first, you must understand the concept of backlinks. Write SEO blogs that will make them always rank high in directories. Also, make sure your contents are relevant and informative enough to an average reader that stumbles into the blog.

One of the simplest ways to get users to find your site is through the use of blogs or blogging. When you search for items on search engines, blogs come out on the first page of the search results the most. So, publishing a blog post daily or regularly would undoubtedly aid in the increase of traffic to the website.

Writing a blog is tedious, but, you can always get writers to write them for you. You can find this service on a variety of websites, including and

When readers find value in your blog posts, they will always come back again next time. Most of your readers will even bookmark the site URL.

Blogs are recommended for websites that want to rank high in search engines. Be it an e-commerce website, personal website, business website, magazine website, portfolio website, etc.

Also, you can use social media to drive traffic back to your site. Make sure your blog has a link to your website. Consistently share new blog posts to social media sites or other blog directories.


Using influencers to drive traffic to your website is one of the modern ways to increasing website traffic. Influencers are way cheaper than other traditional adverts. Most of these influencers especially on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, have connections with loyal followers.

Your site will get a lot of exposure when you hire the service of a popular influencer such as a celebrity. Most companies like Amazon now have the Influencers program because they now understand the importance of using influencers for promotion. Through an influencer, you can get millions of traffic to your website.


Newsletters are among the tools you can use to increase website traffic. If you are a website owner who wishes to get more traffic, then you must keep Mailing Lists and must use them on regular basis.

Create a signup list for users of your website who would like to receive email newsletters of your websites.

Creating an email list for your newsletters is one sure way to keep in touch with them and make them stay updated. When web visitors sign up for your email list, it means they want to stay informed of what’s going on with your site, and they want to get updates and discounts that would encourage them to return.

There are ethical ways of doing this. SPAMMING can land you into serious trouble with penalties. Learn more about ethical email marketing>> HERE


Many websites sell traffic on the internet, but it is not easy to decide on a particular one to buy from. You must beware, many of these websites are scammers who will only send ‘fake visitors’ that will not converge to your website. Go to google and search for keywords like “Buy Website Traffic” or something related to that. Make your diligent findings to ensure you are dealing with a legitimate vendor. If everything goes well, then you can get quality traffic to your website.

There are still many strategies to increase website traffic, the above are proven ways that guarantee quick results. If you know or have used other methods, kindly drop that in the comment section.

Thanks for your time.

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