Where All Leading Entrepreneurship Ideas Come From

Leading Entrepreneurship Ideas

Entrepreneurship, as discussed in many of our previous articles, is a very wide field. Whole libraries have been written out of this field alone, countless books and essays. Many have sought the sources of the entrepreneurship ideas that make some entrepreneurs distinct from others, many conspiracies and counter conspiracies theories have emerged from the search. Many have seized the opportunity to make a living out of man’s insatiable search for this knowledge. It is no new fact that new businesses emerge on a daily basis, buttressing the fact that people still believe that the ancient way of creating wealth i.e. buying and selling, is still the best way.

Sam Adeyemi of Success Power International (In Nigeria) has constantly asserted that ideas rule the world” but what are these ideas? Can the concept of ideas be defined? Considering our context, one may ask: where do entrepreneurship ideas come from? In the world of entrepreneurship, does the concept of ideas breed through? In this article, we shall be answering these questions then go further to explain where all leading ideas come from. Join us in this search of knowledge.

Often times in conversations with entrepreneurs, either online or offline, one ideology that always ring out is that of the believe that: “just one spark of a positive idea, just one full commitment to follow through, can change the course of life for an entrepreneur”, so one would often hear them saying, “hey boy, soon, very soon, my winning idea would hit me, you just keep your fingers crossed”… If this is something to go by, and yes indeed it is, then we can safely deduce that all leading entrepreneurship ideas come from a spontaneous spark, a spark of thought, of study and of discovery.

Deductions from  long intellectual intercourse, shows that the world’s leading entrepreneurs  are mostly rule breakers who defile the norms embedded on them by society and follow their instincts instead. Take for instance; Bill Gates, Mark Zukerburg, and Nigeria’s youngest billionaire: Bakrie Delano, each of these men had a very early profile for breaking the rules and following their guts. Now what are ideas? Ideas are the result of subconscious processing of thoughts and information which is carried out by our higher intelligence (subconscious mind) and delivered to us when our emotions send a request signal for them, (May heaven assist you in understanding this). When ideas are received, the best form of response we can give it, in a bid to store them down, is to get our pen and scribe them down on a sheet. Try to carry a small jotter with you everywhere you go, anytime a new idea springs into your  head, scribe it down. Entrepreneurship ideas are  indispensable tool to every entrepreneur. After all, who knows what will bring in the overflow cash, not you nor the author of this piece, but ‘Mr. Idea’. So what makes the concept of ideas indispensable to entrepreneurs? Why the much long talk on this topic? Read on.

Ideas are the sources of creativity: (creativity, they say, is the offspring of necessity)

Ideas come from a place of abundance, hidden intently within us, and only few know how to access this sanctuary, in this place, there is always an answer to every question, always a solution to every problem. This place goes by many names: the subconscious, the sixth sense, intrusion, instincts are only a part of it. This sanctuary is where creativity springs from, it is where all inventions have their bearings, It is where the best sales strategies flow. Pablo Picasso would always observe that the best ideas for his million dollars worth paintings come from a continuous push for inspiration. Therefore if he was an entrepreneur, here is how he would have put it “anytime I want to make more cash or grow my business, I simply go to the drawing board, invoke my creativity and begin writing out new ideas after which I sort out the not too good ones and strategizes on how to implement the good ones, it always work out. Successful entrepreneurs never wait for some celestial inspiration”. Bear this in mind always…Entrepreneurships Ideas lies in the mind, learn how or when to dig it out.

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Ideas actually rule the business world: (overtime, leading businesses change like snake skin)

Few years ago, newspaper presses ruled the business world, then the radio came, the television came, and now the social media have grabbed the slot. Instant messaging has replaced the post office. Online stores have taking the place of shops with long queues, pay for delivery services have stolen the glory of the way billers. These are all ideas from fellow humans, who are now, literally, ruling the world. It is speculated that the founder of facebook has more real time information of happenings around the world than the US government. Once upon a time, people traveled on foot and horses but today flights have made inter-continental movement very easy. These are entrepreneurship ideas that are actually ruling the world. When as an entrepreneur, you have an idea that can cause a ripple effect around; and people would beg to pay for it. Don’t just keep it dormant to yourself, create those ideas today.

The mind was created for a reason: (whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, he can achieve)

So said Napoleon Hill in his classical book. “THINK AND GROW RICH”. The American poet; Mark Twine would observe that “every poem was once a thought” in other words, “every blooming business was once a concept borne from a thought”.  It is said that the gladiators of the modern world are not those who can use their physical prowess. The gladiators of the modern world are those who stimulate their thoughts in the direction of creating solutions to the increasing problems bedevilling the world, of which poverty tops the list, and this is where entrepreneurship comes into the picture. In every blot of hardship, entrepreneurs who know how to use their minds have always found an opportunity to create solutions and wealth. The mind is not a physical organ of the body, and it cannot be bound by any physical force. Even in the darkest of situations, imaginations can be born. Learn to simulate your mind in the positive direction of creating solutions; your enterprise would be better for it.


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