The authors of this great site deemed it important to carry out a series of online survey on certain carefully selected topics. These polls are kind of inquiry designed to measure the views or opinions of the public, and tell us how our site users think and feel about any given topic or series of topics.

The results of our polls can provide a reliable guide to the opinions of certain segments of society or even an entire nation. The essence of this is to extrapolate some form of premises which can further be used for researches or aid actions focused on entrepreneurship developments and lots more.

Please do note that polls on our site have not been designed for respondents to input their names, neither are their information captured directly or indirectly; results too are reported anonymously.

If you are just reading this for the first time, please do take 30 seconds of your time to fill the answers to a few of these structured survey questions. Your honest opinion matters a great deal to us and will help us to pursue the vision upon which this site is built.

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