Production Of Car Wash Liquid Soap

Car wash liquid soap

It is true that any detergent or liquid soap can wash your car. Yes! A whole lot of people might not know that it is not advisable to wash their cars with any soap or detergent, as this tends to weaken the paint on the car and make it fade easily and loose shine, this can even lead to gradual corrosion of the faded parts.

You don’t have to destroy your car paint using any soap or detergent, when you can learn how to produce your own car wash liquid soap that will maintain your car paint and keeps it shining all the time. Apart from producing car wash soap solely for personal use, you may also go into commercial production and keep your wallet flooded with money at all time.

Car wash liquid soap

This article on the production of car wash liquid soap, is a product of Author’s expertise and research works… (after much requests by our numerous readers). Kindly note that there may be other ways or methods of producing car wash liquid soaps. Hence, it is a subject for more empirical research works. Feel free to write us a comment or opinion in the comment section; better still, contact Author through any of the contact us medium.

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The need for safety in the production of car wash liquid soap, or any chemical product, or when handling chemicals generally (or as the case may be), cannot be over emphasized. It is always recommended that you use Hand Glove, Face mask, Apron, Safety eye goggle or Face shield when carrying out the practical sessions that involve use of chemicals, because some of these chemicals may be harmful to certain parts of our body.

Also, keep all chemicals out of the reach of children. More so, do not keep chemicals where you keep your food items too.


  1. A big mixing bowl
  2. Containers
  3. Wooden spoon or stick for stirring
  4. A pair of Scissors
  5. Spoon
  6. Measurement bowl or container
  7. Hand glove
  8. Nose mask
  9. Face shield
  10. Safety goggle
  11. Rubber gloves

Note: The Production of car wash liquid soap is very similar to THE PRODUCTION OF LIQUID SOAP (Multipurpose liquid soap) detailed in one of our most read articles. The only difference is the addition of Sodium Silicate and Propylene Glycol, and removal of Caustic Soda; the mixing process is very similar. It is recommended you read and digest the former article well before proceeding with this production. To read the old article, Click HEREsodium silicate and propylene

These article is for a 10 litres Car Wash Liquid Soap Production. Chemicals required to produce liquid soaps are readily available almost everywhere; chemical shops in central markets or main markets of any location in any state you can think of, all you have to do is to ask or make few inquiries. These chemicals are also not expensive; in fact, their prices will ‘wao’ you.

The under listed are for the production of 10 litres of the car wash soap as specified above, and their chemicals in the right proportions. To increase or decrease your product volume, all you need to do is to play around with your ratios. You may also specify the volume of what you want to produce and the chemical vendors will advise you on the quantities accordingly.

  1. Nitrosol……………………….…………… 50g.
  2. Soda Ash (Sodium carbonate) ….150g
  3. SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulphate) …30g
  4. Sulphonic Acid………………….……..1/4 Ltr
  5. STPP……………………………….……… 80g
  6. Texapon………………………….………62.5g
  7. Foam Booster………………….……….10Cl
  8. Sodium Silicate………………………..10Cl
  9. Propylene Glycol…………………..……5Cl
  10. Formalin (Preservative) ..…………10Ml
  11. Colour (As desired)
  12. Glycerine (Optional)…………………20Ml
  13. Perfume (As desired)

Note: Many liquid soap producers don’t use Texapon and SLS together in same production; reason being that they both perform almost same function. They just go with just one to minimize production cost. It is important you know the individual functions of the above listed chemicals, to help you take informed decisions.

Please for the functions and descriptions of the above chemicals, read the last article on liquid soap production, or Click >> Here!


The general procedure requires a great deal of patience when stirring to get the chemicals evenly dissolved in water or solution. So if you are looking for a perfect soap that foams well and with no lumps, then be prepared to stir and stir until a homogeneous mixture is attained.

  1. Measure out 10 Litres of water, pour more than half in the mixing bowl. Then gradually add your Nitrosol and stir continuously until all 50grams dissolve. The remaining water would be used in dissolving other chemicals.
  2. In a different container, dissolve the Soda Ash in a small quantity of water and add solution into the main mixing bowl containing the Nitrosol.
  3. In a small quantity of water like above, dissolve the Sodium Tripolyphosphate (STTP), then add to the main mixing bowl; keep stirring for some time.
  4. Now in a separate container, mix the Taxapon and Sulphonic Acid together, stir well and add a little quantity of water. Keep mixing until a perfect mixture is achieved. Then add the Foaming booster into this and mix all four well (i.e Taxapon + Sulphonic Acid + Small Water + Foaming Booster). Add them into the main mixing bowl containing the Nitrosol and Soda Ash and STTP; stir and stir and stir and stir…
  5. Dissolve the Sodium Lauryl Sulphate (SLS or RICE as popularly called) in a small quantity of water, stir well and turn into the main mixing bowl. Then stir and stir.
  6. Add the Sodium Silicate into the main mixing bowl and stir.
  7. Add the Propylene Glycol next and stir.
  8. Add the Glycerine (optional) and stir
  9. Add the preservative (optional) and stir.
  10. Dissolve a table spoon (or as desired) of colorant in a small quantity of water and pour into the soap and stir.
  11. Finally add your perfume and stir.
  12. The remaining water should be used to control the thickness. If it is still too thick, after exhausting the reserved water, gradually add additional water and mix well…you will end up having something above 10Litres; it happens atimes. Just make sure the car wash liquid soap is not too thick or too watery.
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Stir the overall product very well to get a perfect homogeneous mixture, then allow for few minutes/hours to settle down, this time foam on the soap would be cleared. Now turn into containers.

Congratulations! You can now produce Car Wash Liquid Soap on your own.


Car wash liquid soap

You have learned how to produce car wash liquid soap. Now let’s make some money from it. If you can count the numbers of cars you see every day in your location, and the Car wash centers that pops out everywhere nowadays, then you will agree with me that car wash liquid soap production will be a very lucrative business for any serious minded entrepreneur. You may not make millions from it, but surely, you will pay bills from the money you make from this business.

Note: If you want to go into commercial large scale production, you may be required by law of your country to get your business registered, or to fulfill some other legal requirements. Bear this in mind please.

Get good containers; you don’t have to use empty bottle water containers as they will make your product look very ‘local’ and scare prospective customers away. A good business person must understand the importance of packaging. To this end, it advisable to buy neat containers, print your stickers with your brand name and place them on the containers.

Also make sure the color you used for the product is very catchy. Blue color is very ‘kool’ for this purpose. Don’t ever use dull colorant.

Make sure the fragrance used is very appealing. Lavender and Tangerine do well for this purpose. You may also do a mixture of two or more perfumes to get something sweeter.

It is very important that your car wash liquid soap foams will; you are therefore, advised to use the right quantities of Foam Boaster, SLS and Taxapon.

All chemical should be bought from a vendor who is old in the chemical business to ensure you are buying the right chemical…this is because, one bad chemical can ruin the whole product. THIS IS FROM EXPERIENCE

It is also very important that you have a homogeneous well mixed product. If you are not the patient type when it comes to stirring, then you may not do well here. Although there are locally fabricated machines that do this mixing efficiently.


Apart from making money through sales of the car wash liquid soap, you can also make money by physically teaching people and doing this practically. Not everyone understands how to read and follow written procedures. Some people do well when they see the real practical. Break the process down for them in a lay man’s way. Example is to place numbers on the chemicals; tell them when each number should go into the main mixing bowl. Another example is to call the SLS Rice for them, etc.

Before you go into teaching, make sure you are well grounded and have carried out soap production more than 5times. This way you would be able to tackle any question that may come to you. Cheers!

Now, you have been equipped with few tips on how to make money via car wash liquid soap…go out there and make some money (Smiles)

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