Production Of Izal (Germicide)  (Step-by-step guide 2022)

Production Of Izal

This article on the production of Izal is a simple step-by-step guide intended to teach anybody, especially mothers at home, how to produce germicide very similar to Izal. Note that ‘Izal’ we know is just a brand name; we have used it in this article to give readers an idea of what we are talking about. We may also make references to the name Izal throughout this article. It is just for proper comprehension.

Those who wish to go for commercial production have to choose an entirely different name for their product order than Izal.

When you are done reading this article, you will agree with me that it is actually expensive to buy germicides in the market. The huge amount of money you will save can be channeled into acquiring other things. This is why it is important for mothers who have come across this article to properly go through it. I give it to women! They really understand how to manage a home in all aspects.

This step-by-step guide on the production of Izal will also prompt you to make a good decision whether or not to continue buying very expensive germicides or to start your own production, which will eventually save you a lot of money.

Apart from producing your Izal for household and domestic use, you may also decide to go into commercial production of the germicide. Just follow due procedures and also register with the appropriate agencies and standard organizations within your country or locality. Izal production is a very good side hustle for additional income streams.

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There will also be a PDF enhanced copy of an eBook where you can also find this article. You can download this for easy reference from time to time. You may also use the PDF eBook as a quick guide when teaching your friends or loved ones about the production of Izal germicide and other household essential chemicals .products.

The total volume of Izal produced in this article is five (5) litres. The total amount spent on purchasing chemicals was ₦3,200 (About $7) as of 14/06/2022. This amount may slightly vary depending on your country or location. In all, the production of germicides that are similar to Izal is usually very cheap.


The Izal is a very powerful disinfectant and germicide that is mostly used in households, schools, hotels, offices, hospitals, etc to keep them free from harmful bacteria, germs, and other pathogenic microorganisms.


Chemicals Required For The Production Of Izal
List Of Chemicals Required For The Production Of Izal

In this section, we will attempt to describe the various chemicals used for our Izal production. If you are a newbie in the game, it is very important for you to know these chemicals by their physical appearances, as well as their respective functions or part they play as chemicals or in the Izal production.


Ensure you remind the chemical seller to label every chemical. You should also be aware that some chemical vendors are fraudulent. Many have chemicals diluted with water. You might end up not achieving the right concentration of the final Izal product. Before you patronize any vendor, make a proper inquiry about the seller. He or she should be someone of good integrity.


The Texapon is a pasty substance and also jelly-like in appearance, It is one of the important constituents used in the production of some household chemical products, especially liquid soap production where it functions as a foaming agent.

The Texapon is also an essential component of our Izal production. It serves as an emulsifier and helps to keep the chemical mixture together without separating into immiscible constituents; this means that it helps to prevent the liquids which ordinarily would not mix, from separating.

So adding Texapon will contribute to making the Izal product mixture stay stabilized.


Menthol is a colourless substance that has a solid crystalline appearance when at room temperature. It is completely soluble in alcohol and essential oils, meaning it can easily dissolve in them. It is, however, not soluble in water; it can only dissolve in water when it has attained its melting point. It is known for its very strong and pleasant ‘mint’ flavour or smell.

The menthol in our Izal production contributes to making the Izal smell diffuse or spread into the surrounding air.


Pine oil is an extract from Pine trees. It is an essential oil with a very pleasant smell. It has antiseptic properties. The pine oil is very good when it comes to healing cold. Also helps to relieve inflammation of the skin.

Pine oil has a very verse use apart from the few mentioned in the paragraphs above. Its use can also be seen in the production of antiseptic bathing soaps, bath oils, etc. It is also effective in healing joint pains like arthritis.

In the production of Izal, it functions as a disinfectant and germicide which helps to kill bacteria and other harmful micro-organisms.


Phenol is an aromatic hydrocarbon with a very sweet smell. It is also known as hydroxyl benzene. In its pure form, it is colourless or whitish (it sometimes, comes in brownish colour).

This chemical is commercially available in liquid form. Phenol can result in respiratory irritation, It can cause headaches and even irritation to the eye. If in contact with your skin, it may cause you some chemical burns

It is also a powerful disinfectant used in the production of Izal.


Carbolic acid is a poisonous and toxic chemical, it is also corrosive to a large extent. Breathing in the vapours can become harmful to the upper respiratory tract. If in contact with the skin, on the other hand, it may also cause some irritation and chemical burns.

In Izal production, it is very effective in killing kill germs and other bacteria.  


The Izal concentrate is a light-pink chemical (liquid). It can be highly irritating if in contact with the skin and the mucus membranes


The Izal booster is a milky-looking chemical. It functions to boost the properties of the other chemicals used in the production of the Izal.


The Lysol liquid looks light-pink or yellowish colour in some cases. It is readily available and can be got even at the grocery stores. It is a very strong germicide too.


This Binder is also known as a White binder or White spirit. It is a thick whitish liquid substance (can also come in powdery form) that essentially binds all of the chemicals or constituents together in the Izal mixture, and also creates a whitening effect on the surface of the product.


For the production of about 5Litre volume of Izal Disinfectant, the following equipment/tools are very necessary:

  • A clean bowl or plastic bucket that can contain a total of 5 litres without a spill. *-10liters capacity plastic bucket will be ideal for this production
  • A graduated measurement cylinder or Beaker
  • A stirrer or even a spatula. ( Wooden or Plastic)
  • Funnel
  • Sieve


  • Texapon 125ml (1/8 of a litre)
  • Menthol 1 Teaspoonful
  • Phenol 125ml  (1/8 of a litre)
  • Carbolic Acid 125ml (1/8 of a liter)
  • Pine Oil 125ml (1/8 of a litre)
  • Lysol 125ml (1/8 of a litre)
  • Izal Booster 250ml (1/4 of a liter)(AKA Izal scent)
  • Izal Conc. 250ml (1/4 of a liter)(Izal Concentrate)
  • Binder or Whitner 250ml
  • Water  3+1/2  liters


If you don’t know much about measurement; perhaps you don’t have a science or engineering background, you don’t have to worry much about the respective volumes or quantities of the various constituents of the Izal production.

There is a way around it, just tell the chemical vendor that you want to produce a given volume. For example, if you want to produce 5 litres of Izal, tell him or her to sell chemicals for the production of Izal (5 Liters); he or she will sell to you accordingly.

If you understand measurement, then it is a very big advantage for you. Some of these chemical vendors have the habit of cheating people. So you can always raise an alarm if the measurement is inadequate.

Just tell the vendors the total volume of liquid air freshener you want to produce, and they will sell to you accordingly, with every chemical already measured. Just go on with the procedure and produce your freshener with the chemicals sold to you


The need for safety in anything we do cannot be over-emphasized. Chemicals can be very hazardous if ingested or if they come into contact with certain parts of the body. Some chemicals also can be corrosive, especially when in high concentrations. With all these in mind, our Izal production should never be too urgent or too important that we cannot take all the time to carry it out safely.

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In this regard, we have put down a few safety measures and precautions to guide us in the production of our Izal disinfectant below:

  • The use of personal protective equipment (PPE) whenever you are dealing with chemicals is very necessary; you are advised to use kits like a face shield, nose mask, Safety google, and disposable rubber gloves.
  • Keep the First-Aid Box close.
  • Do not carry out your Izal production near any open lame or naked fire. Most of the chemicals used are hydrocarbons and are very flammable.
  • Do not attempt to taste any chemical, no matter how tempting; do not smell directly with your nose.
  • All production should be carried out in an open and well-ventilated room, with very good illumination.
  • Please keep all chemicals where they cannot be reached by children.
  • In the event of a chemical spill to the skin, quickly rinse off under running water, and don’t forget to see qualified medical personnel if you feel any irritation.
  • In case of accidental chemical ingestion, please rush to see a doctor for further help.
  • Finally, it is not advisable to work with these chemicals if you are asthmatic or have a breathe-related health issue.

HOW TO PRODUCE IZAL: PROCEDURE (Step-by-step guide )

  1. The total volume of water required is 3-1/2L (three and a half litre). Measure our 2 (two) litres of water from above and pour it into the main mixing bucket. Keep the remaining 1-1/2L(one and a half litres) aside.
  2. Add the texapon to the main mixing bucket containing the two litres of water. Stir properly until it is completely dissolved in the water. Please do mix properly to avoid lump formation in the product. Patience is required here.
  3. Carefully add the Phenol to the mixture in the bucket. Stir them together until they become well mixed.
  4. Add the Lysol liquid next and continuously stir well until it mixes well with the other chemicals.
  5. Gently pour the carbolic acid into the mixture and keep stirring so that it combines well with the other ingredients.
  6. In a separate cup or small container or a beaker, add the menthol to the Pine Oil and gently stir until the menthol is completely dissolved in the Pine Oil. Then pour the entire content into the main mixing bucket and keep stirring.
  7. Now pour your Izal Booster into the mixture of the other ingredients. Continuously stir as you gently pour this.
  8. Pour the Izal Concentrate next and keep stirring.
  9. Now pour your Binder (Whitener) into the mixture and stir well. At this point, the total mixture in the mixing bucket should be slightly above 3L(three litres)
  10. Finally, the 1-1/2 litres of water that were initially kept aside in step 1, should be gradually added to the mixture while continuously stirring it. At this point, a homogeneous mixture of about 5L (five litres) of Izal product would have been achieved.
  11. Cover the product for about 10 minutes, for proper reaction. Then stir very well again and sieve the Izal product thereafter. Repeat sieving a second time, this is to ensure we have a perfectly smooth product free from lumps and other entrapped impurities.
  12. Package or pour into plastic containers. Store at room temperature. Don’t forget to keep out of the reach of children.



Please do not use it for bathing!


Izal is very effective at removing germs from houses, particularly for mopping tiles, and other hard surfaces, cleaning the bathroom floors and walls, and toilets and conveniences. where we have many children, in toilets and conveniences, hospitals, hotels, offices, etc. in the following ways:

Izal is also used to disinfect commercial and public places like hospitals, hotels, supermarkets, restaurants, offices, schools, etc.

Don’t forget your safety, always put on rubber gloves when cleaning with Izal so as to protect your skin.


You need no mathematician to explain further to you that the production of Izal can be a profitable business venture.

Kindle do the small mathematics with our product in this article. Remember the total cost of the chemicals was 3200.

Let’s say logistics and packaging containers 1,800. This brings the total production cost to 5,000

This means 5,000 was used to produce and Package 5liters of Izal. Go to your local market and find out what Germicides and disinfectants are being sold. You will see how expensive they are, especially since the outbreak of Covid-19 and related Variant.

Since the unit cost of production is 1000, per litre (1000ml or 100Cl) you may sell it at 2000 or slightly above to reflect the current price of similar products. This is 100% returns or profits.

Remember the higher the production, the lower the unit cost and more profits you can make.

When you combine Izal Production and other Household chemical products like Liquid Soap, Car Wash, Air Freshener, Dettol, After Shave etc, it can be a very good lucrative business for you; it can also be used as a side hustle to complement the already existing income source.

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Production Of Izal: Recap

This article has discussed how you can produce Liquid Air Fresheners in the comfort of your home. First, it listed and described the various chemicals used and their respective functions or part they play in the liquid air freshener.

It also enumerated simple steps or procedural guides in the production of a 5 Liter volume of the product and carrying out the production safely.

We also saw that the applications or uses of a typical liquid air freshener cannot be over-emphasized, as the use is seen mostly in our homes, offices, hospitals, etc, and this has made the income potential to be very high.

Those who want to go into production for commercial purposes are already on their way to making huge capital gains provided they have a good market for their products. This is partly because the chemicals used in the production of liquid air fresheners are relatively very cheap, and are readily available.

I hope we have given you value from this article. Kindly drop a comment in the comment section below.

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What you just read is for education and information purposes only. Do your due research when working with chemicals.

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