Reasons Why You Must Be Your Own Boss

Be your own boss

If you are an employee, or work under someone, then this article on ‘how to be your own boss’,  has been written exclusively for you. It is important that as an employee, you must bear in mind that one of these things can happen to you any moment (or a function of time), and can even happen sooner than you anticipate: you resign, may be retired or even fired as the case may be. Performance on job today or even job competency is no longer a criterion to guarantee job security.

These days, a lot of companies and businesses are under intense economic pressure. Little wonder many organizations owe salaries for months, even government agencies and bodies are not left out in this. The organization you work for can downsize at anytime, even without adequate pre-information.

Yes! One of the easiest ways businesses use to cut cost during economic downtimes is to eliminate human beings from their system. More so, in this technologically advanced era, software alone and few pieces of machinery can replace you and even do the job much better.

From another angle, a more experienced hand can be hired and your ass kicked out, either with or without adequate notice. Don’t be surprised! This is how the system operates today.

Do you know that, most people work as slaves from month to months and year to years, and the ‘take-home pay’ is usually not enough to even take one home. Have you ever imagined what would happened to you if your job suddenly comes to an end? What would be your fate? Perhaps you are retrenched when other organizations can no longer hire you because of the age factor? Maybe you have kids and other dependants who are still in school and lots more. Of course, you wouldn’t want any of these to take you unaware, this is why you must be your own boss. Read on!

Unless your job is truly paying, even at that, as an employee in a right state of mind, if given the chance, you should strive to be your own boss. Apart from the discouraging pay cheques, no one truly loves the ‘ups and downs’ and other inconveniences that follow when one works under another person…Come here, go there, do this, do that, etc. Think of this: when was the last time you really slept well, without grumbling in your heart at the time to wake up to prepare for work? I am here to tell you that you can be your own boss and live the life you had always wanted to live.

There are whole lots of benefits from  being your own boss, imagine a case where you can put on whatever clothe you like to the office, wake up whenever you desire, you can decide on each day, when to go to work or get off work, and lots more. The big question that follows is: how then can you become your own boss?

Being your own boss doesn’t come easily as it seems. It will take a great work from your own part. This is not for everybody; little wonder we have few employers and a great deal of employees in any given place. Are you one of those who are willing to take great risks? Are you willing to go places? Do you find contentment in the way things are with you? Do you have that burning desire to make it real big in life? These are some of the questions you need to ask yourself if really you want to be your own boss.

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The most important part of starting to be your own boss is deciding the particular business you would want to set up. It is important that care should be taken when making this decision; this is not something to be rushed. So, adequate time should be taken to weigh all available options, before plunging into other steps. Of course, a lot of people have dreamed to start their own business, and be their own boss, but due to one reason or another, they have failed to do so and some of those that have started, fail to keep it alive after few years.

Here are few articles to guide you on how to go about being your own boss. Follow link to read them:

What Are Some Benefits Of Being Your Own Boss

You Are In Full Control And Have More Freedom

Being your own boss simply means you will have full control over everything. You go to work when you like, get off from work when it pleases you. You determine the spending, who to hire and fire, you set the targets and deadlines, you are to set your working time and also how you want things done. etc

You Make More Money

When you’re looking for a way to make more money quicker, then you should think of an opportunity to be your own boss.The fact that you are your own boss , means that the profit from business goes to your pocket all the time. You are not dependent on monthly pay cheque anymore. You are not limited to a defined salary again. If your business is doing fine, your earning has no bounds. And life becomes more beautiful.

No Anxiety Of Job Loss

That fear of losing your job will no longer be there when you become your own boss. Imagine the kind of worry and heart aches you go through whenever you have issue at work; a lot of things go through your mind and you are just anxious. Being your own boss brings some level of peace of mind. You know fully well you cannot fire yourself even if the business is not doing well.

Being Your Own Boss Is A Lot More Fun

Normally, businesses do well when they are from one’s field of expertise. Imagine providing products or services that you are very much interested in, and enjoy doing. Doing something from your passion makes the job sweet, compared to when you work for another boss, a case where you do what you don’t really like and the work is just boring all the time.

The benefits or advantages cannot be over emphasized. In conclusion, it is   possible to be your own boss, no matter your educational qualification and background, religion, or anything you can think of. The most important thing which is key, is determination and being focused, and hardworking. Running your own business can be quite rewarding if done well. PLEASE BE YOUR OWN BOSS!

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