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Are you a gifted Writer, a Blogger, or an expert in your entrepreneurship field of endeavor, and wish to publish your article or post on our website Then you are welcome; provided you meet with our guiding policy. You will also have the following opportunities:

Wider Audience

  • You are assured of a wider audience when you publish your post on our site considering the high traffic we record on a daily basis.


  • For any article published on our website, due credits or reference will be ascribed back to the author of the post.

Free Backlink

  • Blog owners who submit guest post to this site will enjoy a dofollow backlinks to their websites.

Our website is all about entrepreneurship, so your topic here should be centered on entrepreneurship developments and self employment. Here are our rules/policy to guide you…Please don’t stray !

  1. Your post must be your original work. Copying the works of others will not be acceptable.
  2. Your article must contain minimum of 300 words as anything less than that will not be accepted.
  3. Check spellings and grammars before making a post
  4. Explicit contents such as pornographic, disgusting pictures, abusive language etc. are not allowed.
  5. Post only well researched articles.
  6. No spamming in/of any form is allowed and Scam articles are totally prohibited.
  7. Don’t promote MLM schemes, Ponzi schemes and/or other related get rich quick schemes like ‘Give $1 to Make $30’ etc…
  8. Always remember that this site is centered on ENTREPRENEURSHIP development. So your post(s) should be in line with this.

DISCLAIMER! Guest Posters are completely responsible for the information, opinions, messages or comments or any other contents as the case may be that they post, share or distribute via our site. We shall not be liable.

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