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Etical Email Marketing


What is ethical email marketing? Foremost, Email Marketing has to do with the use of email as a way to do your own marketing on the internet. Simply put as gathering the emails from your site guests, and email them your offer or anything identified with your niche.

A good example is when site users register as members, they may be provided with a form where they input their names and emails; another case example is when site users subscribe for updates or newsletters from your website, etc. At that point, when you get their names and emails, it turns into your goldmine…Yes! You can make a good income when you send out emails about your niche products or affiliate products as the case may be.

So, Ethical email marketing in a broad sense involves sending emails to your site users or prospective clients, informing them of an update or products/services as the case may be, that might be of interest to them, and in so doing, helps you to reach your goal. Note, they must have subscribed for the emails or grant you that permission to email them.


It is no longer news that email marketing is contributing a great deal to the successes of both small, medium, and large businesses worldwide. The income potentials of ethical email marketing is so huge that entrepreneurs now strive to apply email marketing system strategies in their businesses. Yes, well-structured email campaigns can give your business that positive boost or catapult it to another level.

Little wonder, business owners now run to email marketing gurus who really know how to go about this modern days marketing system. With this in mind, it shouldn’t be a thing of surprise that more than 80% of businesses might be planning to increase their email marketing budget any moment.

The organizations today that are producing good results normally have an email marketing system incorporated into their general marketing plan. Email marketing ought to be a critical part of any web-based business that needs to maximize income. The issue today is that only a few individuals realize how to well use an ethical email marketing campaign for business growth.

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It is sad to know that email marketing has a history of unethical behavior by most of our so-called digital marketers, who completely ignore doing things according to ethics. More than 20% of our inboxes today constitute ‘SPAM’. Sending unsolicited emails to someone’s inbox is bad and very unethical.

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In 2003, December 16th to be précised, the then President (George W Bush) signed into law, CAN-SPAM Act: “Controlling the Assault of Non-Solicited Pornography And Marketing Act”.CAN-SPAM ACTThis law spelled out the federal standards for commercial emailing. Noncompliance attracts penalties, it also gives recipients the right to tell email senders to stop send SPAMs. The CAN-SPAM ACT of 2003 will help to broaden your understanding of ethical email marketing. Click Here For Details.


  1. Allow your email recipients the option to unsubscribe from future emails. It is very annoying to receive spam emails and still find out you are unable to unsubscribe.
  2. You must reduce the number of emails you send to a given recipient; too many emails, no matter how interesting they are. This can be so annoying. I don’t send more than one email a month to a given prospect or subscriber.
  3. The email must be contextual about your niche or relates to what the subscriber needs.


  1. Make sure your email recipients belong to the target market. It can be time-wasting or even resources if you send an email whose subject matter is of no use to the recipient. Try to reach out to those who can actually afford or interested in having the items or services being promoted.
  2. Before you think of sourcing for emails of prospective recipients, always bear in mind that ethical email marketing will be more rewarding than when you do this unethically, such as buying email lists from those that trade them or other unethical ways of harvesting emails from the internet. You have more chances of attaining your goals when recipients voluntarily provide you with their emails.
  3. Your email subject must correlate with the main body or content. Don’t try to deceive your recipients. Try to add quality contents that reflect your niche; and not just Ads.
  4. Also try to embrace contemporary trends in ethical email marketing. What works today, might not be in use tomorrow. So try to be dynamic and always stay updated.
  5. Don’t send emails to people who are not in your contact or have filled opt-in form or subscribed to your mailing list. Don’t be among those who use software to gather emails for their promotion.
  6. Try to keep your emails simple.
  7. Test and retest your emails before sending them out.


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