Who Is An Entrepreneur?

who is an entrepreneur

The word ‘ENTREPRENEUR’ originated from a French word ‘ENTREPRENDRE’, which means ‘to undertake, to begin or to start’.

To a lay man, an Entrepreneur is that man who works for himself or starts his own business; he is his own boss.

In other words, an Entrepreneur is that person who recognises a new opportunity and acts fast to embrace the opportunity while it tarries; turning it into a profitable business.

He is an extraordinary person who creates wealth in extraordinary situations where it would seemly be impossible to the ordinary person. He sees what the rest of the world don’t see and doesn’t has fear for failure but magnificent optimism.

He investigates trends and analyses changes so as to find opportunities for innovation. He is that person that identifies a need and fills it; he does not wait for things to happen, rather, makes them happen.

An Entrepreneur is naturally a risk-taker who willingly initiates or finances new commercial enterprise. He doesn’t care what people say; he has an idea, a sense of what he wants to achieve and drives towards realizing the goal, he doesn’t give up and will not stop for whatsoever. He has relentless focus of energy.


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  1. Thank you for your amazing insight on what entrepreneurship really is about. This was so simple and catchy to read. Thank you.

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